Of Mice, and Men

Maxine Ursula Cooper, she's apart of a group of monster trainers, known as: Zodiac 13, she wears a fingerless glove, which, under no circumstances, is she to ever take off, and, oh, her brother, Maxwell Jordan Cooper, (who, like her, wears a glove, that is never to be removed), works for their father, who is the head of Zodiac 13's enemy, The Nexus Society.

So, what happens one day, when Maxine is kidnapped, and brought to her brother's office? And why, can't they ever take off their gloves?


6. What's Happening?

"Maxwell!" Maxine screamed, "Dad stop! Please!"

However, her father ignored her, and continued pulling his son's glove away from his hand.

Maxwell was slowly losing consciousness, his eyes were drooping, and he had stopped screaming.

"Dad, please! I'm begging you!" Maxine exclaimed, "you're killing him!"

"Ah, but, my little Maxi?" Dr. Cooper replied, "How can I be killing him, when he isn't technically alive in the first place?"

Maxine's eyes widened in horror, and she gasped. But how? How was Maxwell not alive?

Her brother finally fell unconscious, his entire body collapsing. Their father let go of the glove, and the men holding him down, let Maxwell go, his body tumbling to the floor.

Maxine pulled at her restrainers, desparate to be at her brother's side.

With a nod from her father, the men let her go, and Maxine ran to her brother's side, dropping to her knees, and took his gloved hand in her own.

"Maxwell....." She whispered, "Dad, what did you do to him?!"

"Only removed his power supply, causing his systems to shut down."

"You were killing him!"

"He only experienced 2 minutes of life!" Dr. Cooper exclaimed, "he, nor you, are technically alive! You may be physically alive, and mentally alive, but not technically alive! Lock them away!"

The men grabbed Maxine, and led her out of the room, they took her down several long hallways, and up/down many staircases, before, stopping in front of a door, opening it, and throwing her inside. Her brother was laid on the bed, the door shut, and the sound of several locks could be heard.

Maxine looked around the "cell", it was quite nicely furnished. With the bed Maxwell was lying on, a couch, a desk, or two, a TV, and a pantry-type thing, with a selection of dried food.

"What the hell?" Maxine mumbled, "had Dad, been planning this?"

She walked over to the bed, and sat by her brother. Maxine removed Maxwell's now cracked glasses, and placed them on the nearby desk.

"Maxwell, what's going on?" She whispered, laying her head on his stomach. But, it was more than likely, even if Maxwell was awake, he wouldn't know.

Maxine closed her eyes, listening to his heart beat. So much didn't make sense, like, how was it possible that neither she, nor her brother were alive? Maxine felt alive, she was breathing, her heart was beating. How was she not alive?

"Nothing makes sense......"

Maxine fell asleep, listening to her brother's heart.

Several hours later, Maxine felt shaking, and someone calling her name.

"Opal, go away." She muttered, curling into a tighter ball.

"Maxine, wake up, it's me Maxwell." He said, continuing to shake her. "Maxine..."

Maxine finally gave in, and opened her eyes, she had expected to be back at Zodiac 13, but no.

Maxine jumped in surprise, her brother giving her a strange look.

"Maxine, are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" She replied, jumping off the bed, "Maxwell, I'm being held prisoner, by our own father, do I look, even remotely okay?!"

"I am too!" Maxwell replied, sitting up, "we both are. And from the looks of it, he intends to keeps us for a very long time."

Maxwell looted around the room, squinting his eyes.

"Where are my glasses?"

"Here." Maxine replied, handing him, his glasses,"they're cracked though."

"As long, as I can see."

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