Of Mice, and Men

Maxine Ursula Cooper, she's apart of a group of monster trainers, known as: Zodiac 13, she wears a fingerless glove, which, under no circumstances, is she to ever take off, and, oh, her brother, Maxwell Jordan Cooper, (who, like her, wears a glove, that is never to be removed), works for their father, who is the head of Zodiac 13's enemy, The Nexus Society.

So, what happens one day, when Maxine is kidnapped, and brought to her brother's office? And why, can't they ever take off their gloves?


4. Maxwell

Maxine, and Neko were busy trying out the new trainer gear, both with smiles on their faces.

"Maxine," Neko asked, holding up a storage glove, "how does this look?"

"Looks great Neko." Maxine replied, examining various chewies, and medical packs.

"Too bad, you can't get a new one..."

"I know, but, mom never let remove my current one, and she never told me why..."

"Any theories?" Neko asked.

"Nah, though, I can't imagine why."

"Hey Maxine," Neko said, looking behind him.

"Yeah Neko?"

"Did you see that guy, when we walked in?"

Maxine looked in the direction Neko was pointing.

Sure enough, there was a man, wearing a dark suit, and sunglasses, standing one the other side of the street, starting at them.

Correction, at her.....

"I don't think so, did you?"

"No." Neko replied.

"Neko, we should leave..." Maxine said, putting the items she was holding down.

"Yeah," Neko replied, cautiously putting the glove down, and taking Maxine's hand, "The back way?"

"The back way..."

Neko and Maxine inched backwards towards the "EMPLOYEES ONLY" door, before suddenly breaking into a run, dashing through the stock room.

"Hey! You kids can't be back here!"

Maxine and Neko barely heard the manager, as they ran, going through several more rooms, being chased by several store employees, before they finally reached the exit, and ran out into an alleyway.

"Who was that guy?!" Maxine exclaimed, stopping to catch her breath.

"I don't know," Neko replied, "but he didn't look like he was only handing out free ice cream coupons."


"Let's go find the others, we should get out of here, and tell Madame Kavi, and Master Yensen what happened."


The pair straightened up, took each others hands, and began walking to Never 37, intent on finding the others, and leaving.

But, of course, the guy who was watching them, had shown up again, and he brought friends.

"Come with us girlie...." He said, completely surrounding the young trainers.

"She's not going anywhere..." Neko replied, wrapping a protective arm around Maxine.

"You're out numbered boy, what chance, do you think you have against us?"

"A pretty good one, I'd say..." Neko replied, raising his glove. "Ventus, go!"

A bright green bird, flew out of Neko's glove, and hovered above the group.

"Tenebris, go!" The man shouted, as something that resembled a black Phoenix flew his glove.

"Neko, what the heck is that?" Maxine asked.

"I don't know, never seen a type like that before."

"Neko look out!"

A sudden burst of energy was headed towards the trainers.

"Ventus! Counter with Wind shield!"

The green bird spat a disk of air from its mouth, the energy colliding with the opposing creature's.

The shock wave was enough to knock Maxine and Neko off their feet. Maxine immediately losing consciousness on impact with the concrete.

She woke up in the backseat of a car, hands bound behind her back.

"Where am I?"

The driver didn't answer, but instead, partied the car, got out, and pulled Maxine out of the backseat. Before leading her into a tall building, and up the elevator.

They exited on the 35th floor, and walked to a closed door,

The men opened the door, shoved Maxine inside, before walking in himself.

"Undo the handcuffs..." The figure sitting at the desk said, without even looking up from his work.


"I know, you have them on her, now remove them." The man at the desk said, looking up.

The man holding Maxine, undid the cuffs, and with a look from the guy at the desk, left the room.

But there was no mistaking it, through the glasses, and floppy brown hair, Maxine could tell, it was her brother, Maxwell, sitting in front of her.

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