Of Mice, and Men

Maxine Ursula Cooper, she's apart of a group of monster trainers, known as: Zodiac 13, she wears a fingerless glove, which, under no circumstances, is she to ever take off, and, oh, her brother, Maxwell Jordan Cooper, (who, like her, wears a glove, that is never to be removed), works for their father, who is the head of Zodiac 13's enemy, The Nexus Society.

So, what happens one day, when Maxine is kidnapped, and brought to her brother's office? And why, can't they ever take off their gloves?


3. I think, I love You

Several days later, Maxine was standing in front of her mirror, putting her hair in a messy braid.

She, and Opal, along with some other Trainers, were heading to the city for the weekend.

"Maxi!" Opal shouted from the other side if the closed door, "the others are waiting!"

"Don't call me Maxi!" Maxine playfully shouted, wrapping her scrunchie in her hair.

"Then hurry up!"

"Fine! Fine... give me a few..."

Several minutes later. Maxine, and friends were walking down to the subway station, many of them talking about the latest fashions. And all the things they were going to buy.

Maxine however, in her typical tomeboy-ish-ness, wasn't thinking about clothes, jewelry, or anything godly.instead, she was excited to see the new Creature Training gear.

"Maxine? Maxine, hello!" Opal suddenly said, breaking Maxine from her trance.

"Neko was asking, what you thought of Duchess Gurgle's new line of dresses."

"I am a tomboy, I have no opinion, and why you care Neko? You're a guy!"

"I was only asking Maxine." He replied.

"I think, they're just strange actually..." Maxine said, "I mean, how can she walk out in public like that?"

"Maybe, she's an alien!" Mimi, an Earth-type trainer, exclaimed.

Everybody laughed, as the possibly, was quite amusing.

When the friends finally arrived at the city, they split into smaller groups, to traipse around.

"So, Opal, Mimi, and Jasmine, are going to Never 37, while I, and Neko go to The Peach store to check out the Trainer gear." Maxine said, "see you back here tonight then."

As they walked to the store, Neko wrapped his arm around Maxine's shoulders, causing her to freeze.

"Neko, why are you touching me?"

"Oh, uh, sorry..." Neko replied, immediately snatching his arm away.

"Neko, what's going on?"

"Well... Uh...."

"Just spit it out, Neko."

"Well, uh, Maxine, you see...."

"Just. Spit. It. Out."

"I think, I love you."

"You... What?" Maxine asked, startled.

"What? Too sudden?" Neko replied.

"Neko, repeat what you said."

"I think, I love you."

"Neko... Are you serious?"


"I don't know what to say..."

"Is it because, I'm bi?"

"Is there really a correct way, for me to answer that?"

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