Of Mice, and Men

Maxine Ursula Cooper, she's apart of a group of monster trainers, known as: Zodiac 13, she wears a fingerless glove, which, under no circumstances, is she to ever take off, and, oh, her brother, Maxwell Jordan Cooper, (who, like her, wears a glove, that is never to be removed), works for their father, who is the head of Zodiac 13's enemy, The Nexus Society.

So, what happens one day, when Maxine is kidnapped, and brought to her brother's office? And why, can't they ever take off their gloves?


12. Epilogue

Maxine stroked the little orange mouse as she walked to the infirmary. It had been several hours since Maxwell had been thrown off the roof, and now he was in the medical ward, getting his injuries treated.

"Good Evening Madame Kavi," Maxine said, walking up to the entrance

"Same to you, Maxine," Madame Kavi replied, "here to see your brother?"

"Yes, Madame Kavi."

"A Pontiki Floga," Madame Kavi said, "an excellent choice for a beginning Fire-type."

"Of course," Maxine replied, "Madame Kavi, will Maxwell be alright here?"

"Of course, dear," Madame Kavi replied, "He's always welcomed here at The Academy."

"Thanks Madame Kavi."

"Anytime Maxine."

Madame Kavi walked away, leaving Maxine done at the entrance to her brother's room.

Maxine walked inside, and found her brother attempting to read a book, (The Idiot's Guide to Creature Training, from the looks of it).

"You'd probably read better with these," She said, walking up to the bed, holding out a pair of new glasses.

"Thanks," Maxwell replied, taking the glasses, and putting them on, "yep, that does the trick."

Maxwell briefly looked at his book, before glancing back up at Maxine.

"You're not gonna leave until we have some sort of heart to heart conversation, are you?" He asked, putting the book on the bedside table.

"Well, I could leave, once I give you this little Pontiki Floga." Maxine replied, "unless you want to have that heart to heart conversation."

"Now, why would you be giving me a little flame mouse?" Maxwell asked.

"Because," Maxine replied, "You're a Fire-type trainer, not a Darkness-type, like you originally thought. That's why you were having so much trouble with your creatures."

Maxine placed the little creature on her brother's chest, and both siblings watched as the little mouse scampered about, before finally settling on the side of Maxwell's neck.

"So," Maxine said, "when will you'll be getting out?"

"I dunno," Maxwell replied, "I'm paralyzed from the waist down, so I guess, once they figure out what to do about it."

"Wait..." Maxine said, surprised, "you're what?"

"Paralyzed." Maxwell replied, "my spine must've snapped when I hit the ground from the fall."

"How severe is it?" Maxine asked, "do you think you'll get your mobility back?"

"I dunno," Maxwell replied, "they're working on that right now."

"Alright, listen, I have to go to training now, I'll see you later." Maxine said, lightly loading his forehead.

"I'm not going anywhere..." Maxwell replied, smiling.

With one last hug, Maxine walked out of the room, happy to be properly reunited with her brother.

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