Of Mice, and Men

Maxine Ursula Cooper, she's apart of a group of monster trainers, known as: Zodiac 13, she wears a fingerless glove, which, under no circumstances, is she to ever take off, and, oh, her brother, Maxwell Jordan Cooper, (who, like her, wears a glove, that is never to be removed), works for their father, who is the head of Zodiac 13's enemy, The Nexus Society.

So, what happens one day, when Maxine is kidnapped, and brought to her brother's office? And why, can't they ever take off their gloves?


7. Darkness-type

"Maxwell, when those men attacked my 'boyfriend" and I, one of them had a creature called a 'Tenebris'," Maxine said, "What is that? I've never seen a creature like that before."

"That's a Darkness-type creature." Maxwell replied, "They're not exactly popular. Dad specializes with this type, and so do I."

"What, how?" Maxine asked, "If the type does exist, why don't I see it running around everywhere?"

"Because they don't."

"You're lying!"

"I'm not, Maxine." Maxwell calmly replied.

"There's no such thing as a Darkness-type!"

"Then, explain the creature that attacked you earlier."

Maxine opened her mouth, but closed it, ans slumped down in a chair, realizing Maxwell was right.

"See? Darkness-type creatures do exist." Maxwell replied, "I just have mass amount of trouble training them."

He mumbled the last part, but Maxine still heard him.

"What do you mean, you're having trouble?" she asked, "if you're a Darkness-type Trainer as you say, it shouldn't be that hard."

"I know," Maxwell replied, "but I am, it doesn't make any sense, no, but apparently, that's how it's suppose to be. Though Dad isn't happy."

"I don't think he's capable of being happy," Maxine replied, "But, like he could punish you for trying..."

"He has..."


"He's punished me."


"Yeah," Maxwell replied, removing his suit jacket, and unbuttoning his shirt.

He removed the articles of clothing, revealing his front covered in scars.

"What did he do to you?!" Maxine gasped.

"Dad would whip me whenever I failed." Maxwell replied.

Maxine stared at the scars, some of them looked old, other looked a little fresher.

"For how long?"

"How old you?" Maxwell asked.

"Nineteen, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"20 years."


"Dad's been doing this to me, for 20 years."

"No..." Without really thinking, Maxine walked over to her brother, and hugged him.

Maxwell wrapped his arms around his sister.

"That's why Mom took me away. Isn't it?"

"Yeah," Maxwell replied, "Dad was right, I should have gone with Mom, but I thought he was only trying to make me better..... Gah! I was so stupid!"

Maxine nodded as she felt more scars under her fingers, on her brother's back.

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