The story of a man who was staying at his brothers but to his surprise found something else.


1. Scratching


Those are all the questions I have to ask myself right now, the fact that I may die thanks to my own curiosity.

It all started a few days ago when my brother insisted I stay at his house. I was unable to pay the rent on my old decrepit  apartment. I stayed in his guest room whilst I tried to get a job online. He only had one rule. Don't go under the stairs. I was confused why but I didn't ask questions and agreed, yet I was still curious.

One day he left the house, so I was left to guard the house for him. It was the least I could do for him. That's when the scratching started. It was irritating and sharp, but only lasted a few moments. I brushed it off and presumed it was nothing.

Maybe I was going mad?

Later on I went to bed in my brothers guest room and sat lazily on his spare mattress. During the night at about 3am I Heard It. The scratching. It went right through you like nails on a blackboard. Finally I endured one hour of the scratching before seeing what it was. It was under the stairs. I carelessly opened the door to see what was making the noise. As I opened the door I saw It. This horrifying creature has been festering under my brothers stairs. It looked like a deformed humanoid, it was hunched. It wore a tattered T-shirt that looked scratched by it's own doing. It had it's own room under the stairs, there was an enormous amount of eaten meat scattered around the room.Possibly human. And there on the wall was the marks it had made from scratching on the wooden wall. It knew I was here. Then it opened it’s mouth showing it's leftovers from it's last meal between it's jagged, rotten teeth  and then screeched. I ran straight into the darkness of the void trying to get away from whatever it was. I ran up into the basement and hid under the stairs. I was so stupid, I left the door open. So here I lay sobbing like a child hoping the “big scary monster” doesn’t get me. It was all silent until the floorboards creaked…

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