Chasing Life

The young Alison Monroe is a teenager like everyone else. Except, her mom is dead. When Alison discovers her mom was a manslaughterer, the hunt for answers is on. Lies will be told. Secrets will be uncovered. People will be killed. But what about Alison? Will answers be discovered? An exciting story about family ties, friendship and true love.


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Chapter 1: Skeletons in your closet


Alison sat at the tall gravestone. The inscription was beginning to fade. Moss covered the bottom corners of it. 

Janice Monroe


We love you mom,

may you rest in peace.


An alpha and omega symbol was on 'forehead' of the gravestone. The beginning and the end. 

"I have to go, mom," Alison said. "I'll be back." Tears began streaming down her face. She quickly wiped them away. She took her hand to her mouth, kissed it, and put the hand on the gravestone. "Goodbye mom."


*****COMING SOON*****

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