Kidnapped by one direction

Emma Anderson is a nice sweet 9 year old. But what happens when she is kidnapped by one direction.

Sorry if it's bad first movelas.


2. Kidnapped

Emma's P.O.V

My best friend Amber and I walked out of school. Actually she's my only friend. But anyway we walked out of school and bumped in to Euan and Amy ,my 2 ex-best friends who now date each other and bully me,oh shit. Amy punched me while Euan held Amber back. I flipped Amy over it and kicked Euan in the gut grabbed Amber and stared to run dragging her behind me. We slowed down until we were walking and about 5 minutes later I had a feeling we were being followed. I discretely looked over my shoulder to see a black van following us. I told Amber to run and as we picked up pace so did the van. 3 men jumped out of the van. 1 jumped on Amber so I kicked him off and then split kicked the other 2. Then  I felt a sharp pain in my head and everything went black.........


A/N sorry for the cliffhanger i'm tiered and want to go to bed.

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