The therapist

Read it and find out.


1. .....

If you don't want to find out what is happening to me stop reading now. I dont want you to get hurt. I feel like I am worthless. I see things. I hear things. I am stuck in this room...all alone. My parents left me in the hands of the dark lord. So I ran away living of the streets. A young boy took me in. I worsip him, he saved my life. I want you to know all of this is true. It's not for your entertainment. It's because I'm scared I'm going to die. There following me. They want me dead. I'm Bellatrix, Bellatrix LestrangeDon't judge me. I am sorry for killing Dobby, I was under control of the dark lord. I f I could bring him back I would. But I don't have that power I can't cope. I went crazy. I'm stuck here.

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