7. Starble's Hunger Games Theories!

Hunger Games theories:
*Foxface actually committed suicide. It's stated in Catching Fire that in the training station for edible plants, only the plants that are going to be featured in the games are described. Foxface is described and shown as incredibly intelligent. Wouldn't someone this smart know to memorize all of the poisonous plants listed? She knew that her strategy was to not attack, so wouldn't she put priority during training to master survival skills.
And then comes the reason why it appeared as an honest mistake. Foxface knew what would happen if she blatantly committed suicide, it would look like defiance to the Capitol and her family would be killed. She decided to end it this way to make sure no one would think she was trying to outsmart anybody.

*Katniss was groomed to be the symbol of the rebellion before she was even born. My theory is that this group's involvement in Katniss's life goes much further back than this plan; They aren't just using Katniss as a symbol of revolution, they purposely crafted her, from a very young age, to be a symbol, with the express goal of starting a revolution. So they need to groom a kid to win the Hunger Games and become their symbol, and this means they need to train someone from an early age while at the same time ensuring that this young child doesn't tell anyone else he/she is being trained. Because of this, they decide to use Katniss's father's child, who he can train to hunt without fearing she will tell someone. This explains his marriage to Katniss's mother, a friend of Madge's mother and the daughter of a medical family, who can teach this future-tribute the one survival skill he doesn't have, first aid. So they have Katniss, he teaches her how to use a bow and arrow and survive in the wilderness, her mother tries to teach her medical skills (although she probably doesn't know about the plan). These both give Katniss a huge advantage in the arena, and she definitely would have died without at least the shooting and survival skills.

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