Catching Stars

Four girls make the biggest change to their life, and move from Australia, to London for a year.
What happens when these four girls, met five boys, they've only ever dreamed and spoken about meeting.
Will moving back to Australia after one year be harder then they thought it would be. Will anyone stay? Or will they all leave.


7. Chapter 7. J.lo

Logan's POV

It's been just over four weeks since we've been here! It's been incredible!

Belle's still talking to Jake, but she's the only one who is still in contact with the guys from that night.

He comes over fairly often. He's become one of us. To be honest, I thought it would have been awkward for Belle, because she's did the dirty with him, but it hasn't.

They're like best friends now.

"How you feeling today?" Belle asked as she walked into my room and opened the curtain.

The sun shone straight through on to my face, making me pull the blanket over my face.

"Alright.." I said slightly peering out from the blanket.

"No wait.." I said quickly jumping up, and running to the bathroom.

"Loges, I think it's time to go to the hospital.. This has been happening for the last few days.." Belle said from the otherwise often door.

"I'm fine.." I said as I chucked again.

"You're not.. I'm worried.. You've picked up some bug, you need to get checked.." She added.

"Alright.." I groaned as I opened the bathroom door.

"You look terrible.." Belle said.

"Oh thanks.." I laughed.

"You know I'm only going to be honest.." She laughed.

"Yeah I guess." I said laying down on my bed. "I better have a shower.." I sighed.

"Alright, well, I'll go tell the others what's happening.." She said as she walked out of my room.

I stood up, and walked into the bathroom, and pulled my shirt over my head, and then took my jocks off.

I turned the hot water on, and stepped in.

The water felt amazing as it dripped down my body, causing goose bumps to appear.

I stepped out, and pulled my towel around my body, and walked back to my bedroom.

I just sat on the bed thinking.

I stood up, and walked to my cupboard, and grabbed out a pair of skinny jeans, and a hoodie.

I pulled my jeans on, and started doing them up.

I noticed they were a bit tight.

I must have put on a little bit of weight, as I haven't done anything but sleep, and eat for the past week.

I pulled my hoodie over my head, and pulled my hair into a messy bun, letting small boys fall out around my face.

I didn't even worry about make up.

I walked out, and the girls were sitting in the lounge, along with Jake.

"Ready?" Belle asked.

"Yep.." I nodded as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

We got in the car, and headed for the hospital.

Once we walked in, it wasn't too long, and I saw the doctor, and was out again.

"So, what's wrong?" Belle asked.

"He said he'll get back too me.." I smiled.

We got back in the car, and started heading home.

"Let's get some Maccas.. I'm hungry.." I suggested.

"Sounds like a good plan!" Belle laughed.

We got Maccas, for ourselves, and Ella, Jake, and Dani, and made out way back home.

We got home, and Ella was sitting on the couch crying.

"Ellz, what's wrong?" I asked quickly walking over to her side.

"I have to go home.." She cried.

"What? Why?" I asked confused.

"It's mum.." She said looking to me.

"What's happened?"

"She's sick.. She has cancer.."

"What?" I asked as I was shocked.

"I have to go home, to help Lisa.."

"Do you want me to come?" I asked.

"It's okay, your life is here now.. I've been feeling home sick anyway.."

"Well, I'll help you back.." I said standing up.

We all helped Ella get her things together, and I booked her a ticket home.

"Flight 180 to Australia, is now boarding, flight 180 is now boarding."

"I'll miss you.." I said as Ella was about to board.

"I'll miss you too.." Elle said as a year fell down her cheek.

"I'll call you heaps!" I smiled wrapping my arms around her.

"I have to go Loges.." Ella said giving me one more hug.

"Bye.." I sighed.

"Bye guys.." she said as she gave everyone a hug, and then waving as she walked away.

I started crying.

My bestfriend was leaving. I wasn't going to be able to see her.

We made our way back home, and sat on the couch, and watched tv.

Because Ella left, the house was very quiet. Everyone was sad.

Jake left at around 4pm, and us three girls decided to go out for dinner.

We found a nice restaurant just around the corner from the pub, and we ate there.

Once we got home, we watch some movie, and then all went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up, and I felt great. I was feeling positive!

I made myself some breakfast, and then had a shower, and got dressed into a pair of denim shorts, and a Rolling Stones t'shirt.

"Guys, let's look for our own place today?" I said as I walked into the lounge.

"Yes!" Both Belle and Dani agreed.

"I see you're feeling better today.." Belle laughed.

"Yes! So much better!" I laughed.

The girls got dressed, and we made our way to see an agent.

"Okay girls, I have one apartment, it's four bedroom, it's a good price, and it's right in the middle of London." Our agent smiled.

"Okay.." Belle said.

"Are we able to see it?" I asked.

"Ah.. Let me see.." He said as he clicked away on the computer. "Okay! It looks like they're available right now.. So we can go take a look.." He smiled.

We all got in our cars, and we followed the agent to the apartment.

We walked in, and he spoke to the receptionist, and got the key.

"Okay ladies, follow me.." He smiled as we walked towards the lift.

"How many floors are there?" Dani asked.

"There's 8.." He smiled.

We walked in, and he hit the 8 button, and the doors closed.

"The apartments on the top floor!?" I asked.

"Yeah.." He laughed. "There is also one other apartment on this floor.." He added.

He opened the door, and the sun shone straight through. We walked in, and walked straight into the lounge, dining, and kitchen area, that had massive glass windows look out over the city.

"Wow.." I said as I looked out.

"That view is amazing!" Belle said as we stood by the window.

"I could get used to this.." I said.

"Do use want to look around or..?" Our agent laughed.

"Ahh yeah!" I laughed as we turned around. We walked up a small hall way which had five doors along it.

"Okay, we have the four bedrooms.." He said opening a room.

"This on has an ensuite, and the view.." He said.

"Shotty!" I said before anyone could say another word.

"Sorry?" The agent asked confused.

"Shotty, like, I shot gun this room if we get this place.." I laughed.

"Oh.. Okay.." He laughed.

We continued down looking in all the rooms, and then made our way back to the living area.

"I actually love this place!" I said.

"I do too!" Belle agreed.

"Let's get it then!" Dani said.

"Let's actually! It's so us, middle of London, and, that view!" I laughed.

"I'd be happy here!" Belle said.

"Okay! We'll take it!" I said turning to the agent.

"I'll get the paper work sorted then.." He smiled.

I felt I vibrate coming from my pocket, and I pulled my phone out, and looked at the caller ID. It was just a number, so I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello, Logan Dwyer?"

"That's me.." I said.

"Logan, it's Dr. Ridges.."

"Oh hello.." I said.

"Excuse me.." I half whispered to everyone as I stood up, and walked into one of the rooms.

"Logan, I have some news for you.." He said.

"Ahh yeah.." I said.

After I finished on the phone to my doctor, I walked back out to the living area, and our agent was sitting there with a pen, and paper.

"Logan, it's your turn to sign now.." He smiled handing me the pen.

"Everything alight?" Belle asked.

"Ahh.. Yeah.." I said. "Where do I sign?" I asked.

"Here.. Here.. And.... Here.." He said pointing to each dotted line, as I signed.

"Okay ladies, this is all yours.." He smiled. "Well for the next two years anyway.." He added.

We finished up with our agent, and he told us that we could move in straight away.

We headed back to our place at the pub, and started packing. We still didn't have a lot of belongings, so we didn't have much to pack.

We told my boss that we were moving, and he and one of the other guys gave us a lift, along with our things to our new place.

We settle in, as much as we could, still with a couple of boxes, and bags laying around.

It was around 5pm, and I was just laying on my bed.

I kept thinking about what Dr. Ridges had said earlier on the phone.

I didn't know what to do.

I laid on my bed, and tried to think about what I was going to do.

I jumped up, and continued unpacking my things.

Because I had said Shotty earlier, I got the room with the ensuite, and amazing view. There were floor, to ceiling windows, from wall to wall! It was incredible.

There was a knock at my door, and then it came open.

"Hey, we're going out for dinner.. You want to come?" Belle asked as she walked in.

"Ah.. Nah, I'm right.." I half smiled.

"You okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, of course.." I said.

I wasn't really, but I didn't know how to tell her. How to tell anyone.

"You know you can tell me anything, right?" She said.

"Yeah, I know.. " I smiled.

"Alright, well, I'll bring you home something.." She smiled as she walked out.

I rolled over, so I was facing the window, grabbed my stuffed cow that dad had given me, and I just watched everything go by.

I laid there for ages. That long that it actually got dark, and I watched the street lights turn on, I watched as everything went from light to bright.

It was quiet beautiful.

I don't know what time it was, but I dozed off to sleep.

I kind of woke up a bit later, when I heard someone knock on my bedroom door.

I just ignored it. It was belle, because she walked in, and asked if I was awake, but I pretended I was asleep.

I eventually went back to sleep though.

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