Catching Stars

Four girls make the biggest change to their life, and move from Australia, to London for a year.
What happens when these four girls, met five boys, they've only ever dreamed and spoken about meeting.
Will moving back to Australia after one year be harder then they thought it would be. Will anyone stay? Or will they all leave.


5. Chapter 5. J.lo

Logan's POV

"Nearly done?" Ella asked walking into my kitchen.

"Almost.." I said as I put the last few things into a box.

Everything was in boxes around my appartment. It was kind of scary to think that this time tomorrow Ella, Belle, Dani and I will be on a flight to London!

Ella and I started taking my boxes down to the trailor that was out the front. we decided to put all our things that we weren't and couldn't take with us into storage. We're only away for one year, so we didn't want to get rid of all out big things like furniture.

"I'm so excited, but so nervous!" I half laughed.

"Me too! It's a big thing! We're moving to the other side of the world, to somewhere we've never been, or even know anyone!" Ella laughed.

We finished putting everything into the trailor, and back of my car, and we drove off to the storage place.

We filled up our storage unit with all our belongings and cars, and caught a taxi back to the middle of town. Us girls decided to book a hotel room, for our last night in Australia, and just have a good time out with friends.

Ella and I got to the hotel, and took a few things up to our room, We walked straight in, and Dani and Belle were already sitting on the couch eating chips!

"Hey! They're my chips!" I said as I walked over to the couch dropping my bag.

"My bad!" Belle laughed. "Want them back?" She asked offering the bag to me.

"Nah, I was joking.." I laughed.

"I can't believe that tomorrow we'll be on a plane to London!" Ella smiled.

"Either!" Dani agreed.

We had lunch together, which was just come fish and chips, and then went back to the hotel.

We had things every where, yeah we were only here for one night, but because we were going out tonight, we had dresses, make-up, shoes, everything, everywhere.

"Guys! We need to pack everything up! Otherwise we'll be running around like headless chooks in the morning! And I'm not doing it in the morning!" Ella laughed.

"Alright, We'll do it now, leave out what we need for tonight, and morning, and then we'll be ready, and just have to shove a few things in, in the morning." I smiled.

"Sounds like a plan!" Dani said getting up and walking to the room.

We all got up, and walked around picking up our things, and packing our bags again leaving out a few things.

"I'm having a shower guys!" I yelled out

"Alright!" I heard someone yell back.

I stripped down, and hopped into the hot shower letting the hot water slid down my body. I grabbed my razor and shaved my legs until the were all nice and smooth.

I washed my hair with my coconut shampoo, and jumped out putting a towel around my body, and wrapping my hair in another towel. I walked out into the room, and dried my body putting on a pair of undies, and a bra, and putting on my big t'shirt. I walked back out into the lounge room where the other girls were sitting, and I sat on the couch, and we chatted for ages, just getting ourselves pumped up for London tomorrow!

At around 4:30, we decided we'd all get ready.

I walked off, and took my t'shirt off, and started doing my face and hair in my underwear. I curled my long hair, and put my make-up on. I walked over to the bed, where a tight black dress laid, and slipped it on. I put on some purfume, and walked out, by this time it was 5:30, and all the other girls were ready also. I picked up my purple heels with studs on the heel, and dropped them at the door. I walked around making sure all my things were ready for morning.

Everyone was finally ready, and we were all grabbing our phones, bags, and whatever else we needed for the night. I picked up my heels, and opened the door, and walked out locking it behind us.


We meet up with Jase, Brady, Drew, and a bunch of other friends.

We laughed alot, and talked a whole lot more. It was a good night enjoying it with friends. I couldn't have spend my last night in Australia with any better people.

We had dinner, and we were sitting around talking once we had paid for our meals.

"Who wants to have one last night at the good old watering hole?" I laughed.

"Sounds like the best idea you've ever had Loges!" Ella laughed.

"Let's go!" Dani agreed.

We walked down to the pub we always go to, and ordered our drinks and sat down at our table in the far corner, laughing, drinking, and taking lots of photos!

After about half an hour of being at the pub, I stood up to say a few words.

"Okay! I'd like to make a toast.." I smiled.

"Vegemite?" Drew laughed.

"No, peanut butter!" I joked.

"Yum!" Belle added.

"Anyway! Back to my toast! I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has help us four get our lives together, and organize our move to London! We couldn't have done it without the help of you! Some of you we've known a fair while, and some of you, we've only known a short few months, Belle and Dani included, but we're so greatful for everyones help! We're so excited to be heading over to the UK, and we hope that some of you come and visit us while we are there.." I smiled.

"Use are all welcome!" Ella smiled.

"Yes, all of you.. Anyway, thank you all, Beers on Dani! Cheers!" I finished! and we all clicked our beer bottles together.

"Hey!" Dani said piping up when she realised what I said.

Everyone laughed at her, and we stayed around for a few more hours until it was around 12am.

Dani, Belle, Ella and I ended up leaving, as we had a early flight to catch.

We said goodbye to all our friends, and started walking back to the hotel.

We laughed most of the way home. It was nice.

Once we got back to the hotel, we sat around for a bit longer, and then eventually went to bed.

Ella's POV

*Beep! Beep! Beep!*

I rolled over and smacked my alarm turning it off.

I rubbed my face, and flicked the doona off me, and walked towards the bathroom grabbing a towel on the way.

I quickly showered and went back to my room, and putting on a pair of skinny jeans, and a black Ghanda hoodie.

I went back out to the lounge and Dani and Belle were up, getting their things together, and getting ready.

"Is Loges up yet?" I asked.

"Nope.." Belle mumbled.

I walked towards Logan's room, and pushed the door open. She wasn't there. I walked back to the kitchen where Belle and Dani were.

"Do use know where Logan is?" I asked.

"In bed?" Dani laughed.

"No, she's not.." I said confused.

"What?" Belle said looking up.

"She's not in her bed.." I repeated.

"I'll ring her.." Belle said grabbing her phone of the table.

I waited for Belle to talk, or something, once she'd dialed Logan's number.

"She didn't answer.." Belle sighed.

"Where could she be?" I said as I started getting a bit worried. "We leave in an hour!"

Just then, the front door handle started wiggling. I looked over, and Logan walked through the door!

"Where have you been?" I asked

"Getting Maccas.." She smiled showing two maccas bags.

"Seriously.. I was up at 5am, and you were up before that? You struggle to get out of bed, at a decent hour.." I laughed.

"Yeah, I didn't sleep much last night, and I thought we wouldn't have time for breaky.." She smiled all innocent.

She put the bags on the table, and we all helped ourselves, and continued gathering a few things.

Finally, half an hour later, we'd showered, dressed, and had everything sitting by the door waiting to be taken to our taxi.


We finally got to the airport, and boarded a short time later. We took our seats, grabbed out our phones and ipods, and waited to take off before putting them in, and all of us falling asleep.

Before we knew it, we were not far off landing in London! We started getting a little excited, and couldn't wait to get off our plane!

Around 30 mintues later, we were off our plane, and in our taxi, on the way to our new place. Belle and Logan had gotten a job at a pub, which allowed us to live there as well, so the four of us were living there until we sorted ourselves out.

We got to the pub, and got shown to our rooms, and unpacked alot of our stuff. Being that the rooms were only two bedrooms, Belle and Dani had one beside us, but there was one door between the both where we could go into each others rooms.

We didn't have a lot of stuff, but had a few photos and things which we put out around. We were trying to make it as homey as possible.

It was 7pm by the time we'd settled in, and we decided to just get some dinner from down stairs.

We ordered, ate, and then went back up stairs and hung out talking and then had an early night.

As we didn't start work for a couple of days, we decided we'd go out around London, and have a look around for an appartment, and then later tonight we'd go out and have a look at the clubs.

We spent the day being tourists and taking in everything about our new home. We couldn't even believe that this was going to be our new home for the next year!

We eventually went back home, and got ourselves ready for our night out. We were so excited! We got dressed up really nice. In dresses, and heels. did our hair all nice, and our make up as well. by 11:30pm, we headed out grabbing our phones, bags, money, and whatever else we needed.

"Leeeets goooo!" loges yelled as we jumped into our taxi.


Logan's POV

We got dropped in the middle of town, close to a few different clubs, and pubs.

we went into a couple, and then ended up at one called 'The Funky Buddha'.

"Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!" I yelled as I ordered a bunch of different shots for us.

"Heres to a new life, and a massive new experience!" I smiled as we all lifted our shot glasses, hitting them together and then shotting them.

"Wooo!" We all yelled after we drank our shots.

"Oh my god! Is that Liam Payne!"  I heard someone beside me say to the girl beside her.

I looked up and sure enough, Liam Payne, as in Liam Payne from One Direction had just walked in!

"Guys!" I said trying to get the girls attentions, without drawing to my attention to us.

"Hello!" I said as they looked to me.

"What?" Dani laughed.

"Liam Payne is here.." I smiled.

"Yeah right.." Dani laughed.

"No I'm serious, Look.." I said pointing over to Liam.

They looked over, and Dani started Sceaming. I quickly put my hand over her mouth, as she continued to scream. The rest of us just laughed at her.

"What did you do that for?" She asked.

"We're all fans, but we don't want him to think we're weird do you?"

"I guess not.." She laughed.

"Should we go talk to him?" Ella smirked.

"I don't know.." Belle smiled.

"Yes! Let's go!" Dani said grabbing Mine and Belle's hands. I grabbed Ella's, as Dani pulled us through a crowd of people on the dance floor dancing, and towards Liam.

Once we got to Liam, she froze. Stood there just staring at him, and all weird..

"Hey, I'm Logan.." I smiled putting my hand out to shake his.

"I'm Liam, nice to meet you.." He smiled shaking my hand.

"I'm Belle.." Belle smiled giving him a slight wave.

Hello.." He smiled.

"Hello.. I'm Ella.." Ella said taking a sip of her drink.

"This is Dani.." I said giving her a slight shove, and she gave him an awkward wave, and a slight smile, as her face went a little red.

"How are you mate?" I asked.

"I'm good.." He smiled.

Oh that British accent.. I thought to myself.

"How about you?"

"I'm great actually.." I smiled.

"Where are you ladies from?" He asked.

"Australia.." Belle smiled.

"We've just moved here actually. Just yesterday.." I said as we walked towards a table with a couple of chairs.

"Oh really?" He asked taking a drink from his beer. "Well that's exciting.." He smiled.

A couple of Liam's friends came over, and introduced themselves to us, and we sat there talking to them for ages. I got really flirty with Liam. He was flirting also, which made it easier.

We kissed a little, towards the end of the night, and then we all left. Liam and all his mate's came back to our place with us also.

Once we got back to the pub, we all sat around on the couches chatting, and laughing, and drinking more. I cooked some food, as I always do when I get home from drinking. For some strange reason, I always cook food for everyone while I'm drunk..

Liam and I were flirting so much more. While sitting on the couch we played with each others hands, and in the end, I said let's go to bed, and I grabbed his hand, and we went off towards my bedroom, closing the door behind us.


Ella's POV

After Logan and Liam went off, to do god know's what, The other guys, Dani, Belle and I, talked for a while longer, and then ended up heading to bed ourselves. One of the guys passed out on the floor, and so we just threw a blanket over him. The others just stayed on the couch and two went to sleep in my bed and one ended up going of with Belle.

Dani and I went off to her room, and talked for a bit longer, before falling asleep.

I woke up smelling the restaruant down stairs. It smelt amazing, and made me so hungry. We had our own small kitchen in our room, but I went down stairs, and ordered a heap of food for everyone.

I went back up stairs, and waited for it to be brought up. A short time later, it was brought up, and I set it out on the table for everyone. Everyone came out except for Liam and Logan.

While everyone was eating Liam came out while pulling on his shirt over his head, and Logan followed close behind with just her big shirt on.

Everyone looked up at her and smirked. They sat down, helping themselves to the food.

Liam and the guys left about an hour later, and us girls sat around laughing, and talking, not being able to believe that our first night our, we'd met Liam Payne!

We turned to Logan who was sitting there on her phone, and she looked up at us.

"What?" She asked.

"So.. How was it?" Dani asked.

"How was what?" She asked confused.

"Well, you and Liam..." Belle

"What about it..?" She asked.

"Well.. What happen? C'mon Loges, give us all the details.." I begged.

"Nothing happened.." She laughed.

"As if!" Belle laughed.

"No I'm serious, we spooned, and that was all.. He was quiet sweet.." She smiled.

We laughed, and continued to talk about last night. We still couldn't get over Liam drinking with us, and then coming back here to our rooms.

Our first two nights in London, were perfect! We couldn't wait to see how the next 12 months were going to go!


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