Catching Stars

Four girls make the biggest change to their life, and move from Australia, to London for a year.
What happens when these four girls, met five boys, they've only ever dreamed and spoken about meeting.
Will moving back to Australia after one year be harder then they thought it would be. Will anyone stay? Or will they all leave.


2. Chapter 2. Belle

Belle's Pov

It was 8pm and I had just gotten home from my shift at the pub. I walked through the front door of my appartment I shared with my Boyfriend Luke, only to find him snogging some girl on the couch. Our couch! My couch at that! I slammed the door behind me and stormed into our bedroom and started packing my bags, shoving anything, and everything I could fit.  

"Belle! Belle, please let me explain. I didn't mean to I was drinking and...." 

"And what Luke? You thought you could just hook up with some girl and bring her back to OUR home?" I yell. "Im done Luke! I'm so done! I'm leaving. I'm going to go stay with Dani untill I find a place of my own and I don't want to see you again, got it?" 


"Belle, please no don't leave me. I love you so much, please don't leave me! I need you!" He sobbed as he followed me around while I grabbed my things.

"It doesn't look like you need me, you look completely fine on your own, and you don't love me! If you loved me you wouldn't have done this to me, you know how crappy my last relationship was and you went and did the one thing you promised me, you would never do! I don't want to see you ever again! Luke I'm leaving." I turned around and yelled at him.

I grabbed whatever else I could carry in my hands, and left without saying another word to him.

After I left the apartment I took my phone out of my pocket pressed Dani's name and slid down the wall and cried.


Dani's POV


*ring* *ring* *ring*

 "Hello.." I answered. All I could hear was sobbing. I take the phone away from my ear and look at the caller ID Its says Belle .. 

*Phone call*

"Belle? Belle, why are you crying? What's wrong?" 

"Dani, he-he cheated on me! I don't know what to do! He promised he wouldn't Dani! He promised he wouldn't break my heart like Nate did, he promised! Pl-please come get me, I-i can't stay here.." She hiccuped into the end of the phone.  

I grabbed my keys off the bench and drove to her appartment 

After driving about 15 minutes down the road I finally arrived at Belle's, where I found her sitting on the ground against the side of the building crying.

I pulled my car up and got out shutting my door I walked over to Belle, 

"Hey Belle, come on lets get you out of here and get you something to eat yeah, what do you say?" I smiled helping her up.

She just nodded so I picked up her bags and walked towards the truck. Once I got to my truck, I opened her door for her and she jumped in and we were off.


Belle's POV 


After Dani picked me up we drove to the town to get some food I wiped the remaining tears off of my face and fixed up my hair, after about 10 minutes we arrived in town we got out of her truck and walked into the 24/7 cafe and ordered our food.

After a while the guy behind the counter called our names and we grabbed our food and left. 

We got out side the cafe and heard some drunk guy yelling Dani's name. We turned around and saw the one person we had been avoiding for the last few weeks.. Her cousin Jesse .... 

He was drunk again and last time he got drunk like this he ended up locked up for 12hours 

"God! I just wish he would leave us alone!" I wispered to Dani 

She just groaned and rolled her eyes..

"I guess I better see if he is okay I mean he is family.." She mumbled

We walked up to him and he was mumbling something to himself, but we couldn't hear, nor understand what it was. 

Dani asked him if he was okay and he started yelling, for no reason. 


"Its her fault! It's all her fault! Maybe if she just loved me when I wanted her to, I wouldnt go around sleeping with other girls and bringing them back to our appartment!" He said looking up to us.  

"YOU DID WHAT! JESSE! WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT! YOU ARE SUCH A DUMB ARSE SOMETIMES! GOD! NO WONDER YOU CAN'T KEEP A GIRLFRIEND!" Dani brushed her hand through her hair and just rolled her eyes at her cousin. 



Just as this was happening I turned around and saw two girls coming towards one of them was looking directly at Jesse and she didn't look happy.

Next thing I know one of the girls is yelling 'hey' and Jesse turns around and yells 'babe'. 

This must be his now ex girlfriend. She starts telling him that she is not his babe, I'm standing there like trying to figure out whats going on, next thing I see is Jesse swing his arm and the girl who was yelling at him is now on the ground, I immediately get my phone out and call the ambulance,  This has to be the worst day ever! 

I just have to leave and get out of this damn town, out of this country. 


Dani's POV 


He hit her! He actually hit her! I'm standing there completely dumbfounded! I can't believe I'm related to this person! 


"Wait.. what? What are you talking about? What did I.... no, no please tell me I didn't hit her! Please! Please tell I didn't hit her! No! I wouldn't! I could never hit her! I-I love her!" He hiccuped

I sigh and bend down to Jesse.  

"Jesse, you need to leave and you also need to stay away from her because all you have done is caused her pain and problems, you need to move on Jesse and do it soon!" 

I turn around to find the girls friend standing there crying and Belle trying to comfort her. I walk over to them, 

"Hey! My name is Dani, I am so, so sorry for what that idiot cousin of mine has done! I can't believe he would ever do that to somebody! Is this girl his girlfriend?"

She looks me in the eye and her eyes looked blank as she realised I knew that monster of a man Jesse. 

She gulped and stuttered "Yo-you know hi-him?" 

"Unfortunately, yes.." I lowered my head down and looked at the ground I felt so ashamed. 

She grabbed my hand and looked at me "Hey, its not your fault he is such an arsehole." 

I nodded my head and sighed. 

"By the way my name is Ella and my friend is Logan.." She smiled.  

"Do you want a lift to the hospital? Its the least I can do after what he has done today.." I smiled offering Ella.

After we took Ella to the hospital and made sure Logan is okay Belle gave Ella her number and asked her to call once Logan is better so we can catch up. We leave the hospital and get back to the car. Belle sinks into her seat, I'd completely forgotten that she has had the day from hell with that arse Luke cheating on her and breaking her heart! She was looking out the window of the car, not seeming to notice the world pass her by.

Once we get back to my appartment she suddenly turned around and looked at me,

"We should move to in together!"

"I'm sorry what??" I asked her to repeat.

"I said ..."

I cut her off "I know what you said, but are you sure you want too? We always said we wouldn't.. You know what people say about friends and living together." I asked

"Well, I don't know about you but I think we'd be fine, so I'm okay with living with you.. Balls in your court.. I'd love to live with my bestfriend!" She smiled.

"What if we hate living together, what if somethign happens?" I sigh.

"We'll be fine. We've pretty much lived together for years anyway! Might as well have our things in the same place.." Belle begged.

"Argh! Fine, I guess we are moving in together!" I smiled

"OH! MY! GOD! We're moving in together!! I

can't believe we're going to do this!" Belle said jumping up and down.

"I know! Me either!" I smiled.

"I can't wait ! Ahhh! but now I'm going to go to bed see you in the morning! Night babe." 

"Yeah goodnight.." I smiled.


*Few Hours Later.*

I was woken suddenly by loud screaming coming from Belle's room. I jump out of bed and burst into her room. She was screaming something but I can't quiet understand what she was saying as I got closer to her she is saying stop, she kept screaming for someone to stop. I gave her a light shake to try and wake her up but she started to say "Please Nate, no don't leave me I promise I'll be better please no." I shake her more "Belle! Belle, wake up its me, Dani, wake up!" 

She sits up with tears streaming down her face "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you, you can go back to bed, I'm fine." she rolled over and burried her head into her pillow. 

I know I'll get it out of her but for tonight I'll just let her be.


*The Next Morning .*

Belle waddles out of her room and into the kitchen she sits down at the bench.

"Goodmorning.." I smiled. 

"How is this morning good.. I look and feel like I've been hit by a train and sat on by an elephant!" she mumbled. 

I giggle at her comment and continue making her pancakes. 

I place the plate in front of her and she just groans. I give her a look that says "If you don't eat it, I'll slap you in the face with the pancake.." 

She picks up her fork and starts nibbleing at the food on her fork.

After breakfast Belle sat on the couch and grabbed her phone from her pocket. There was a name flashing across the screen. I think its the girl from the hospital. Ella I think her name was. Belle then turns around and said "Go get ready, we're going to see Logan and Ella.." 

After we showered and got dressed we get in my car and drive to the cafe in town. 

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