Catching Stars

Four girls make the biggest change to their life, and move from Australia, to London for a year.
What happens when these four girls, met five boys, they've only ever dreamed and spoken about meeting.
Will moving back to Australia after one year be harder then they thought it would be. Will anyone stay? Or will they all leave.


1. Chapter 1. J.lo

Logan's POV

I woke up this morning to loud snorning in my ear, and the smell of alcohol in the air. I rolled over to see my boyfriend Jesse laying there.

I gave a slight sigh, and then giggled, as he looked so ridiculous!

I leant over to give him a kiss, but I noticed red lipstick on his neck, and beside his lips.

"Jesse! Get the hell up!"

"mm.." He mumbled trying to ignore me.

"What the fuck is this!?" I yelled at him.

"What?" He managed to mumbled out.

"The red lipstick all around your mouth, and on your neck!" I yelled flicking the doona of myself, and standing up.

"Jesse! Get up! You're leaving!"
"Oh, Logan, go back to bed.. It's too early.." He mumbled as he rolled over grabbing his watch to look at the time. "Bloody hell babe, it's only 8.. I've only been asleep for two hours!" he finishes.

"I don't care Jesse! Get up! Pack your shit, and get out of my house!" I yell.

"Babe, It's not what you think, will you just calm down, and stop yelling!" He says sitting up.

"Jesse, this isn't the first time! You've been caught out! You know you're 'bestfriend' Ben..?" I say using my fingers to say it sarcasticly.

"What about him?" He asked.

"He has told me about all the different girls you've had around, and go see when you're out! How stupid do you think I am! Did you honestly think I would never find out?"

"Nothing ever happened.." He yelled back.

"Yeah, that's why you have lip stick around your mouth! Just get out Jesse! We're done.. Over and done with! I've put up with your shit for way too long!" I yelled grabbing his bag, and shoving whatever of his I could find in it.

"babe..." He sighed walking over to me, and trying to pull me closer.

"Don't touch me!" I say pushing him away.

"C'mon.. I'm sorry alright.. It wont happen again.. I promise.." He said stepping closer to me.

"No Jesse! Once a cheater, always  cheater! Get out!" I say pointing towards the door. "I'll have my house key too, thanks.." I say putting my hand out for it.

He walked over to the bedside table, and grabbed his keys, phone, wallet, glasses, and a few other things, and walked back over towards me.

"I love you Logan.." He sighed handing me the key.

"It's just not enough anymore Jesse."
I waited for him to leave my room, before I sat down on my bed. I heard the front door close, and I let out a deep breath.

I was finally rid of the one thing that was holding me back. The one terrible thing I held on to for two long years, thinking maybe things would get better.

I laid back on my bed, just looking at all the glow in the dark stars that covered my roof. I rolled over, and crawled back up my bed towards my bedside table, and grabbed hold of my phone.

I flicked through a couple of numbers, clicking on a familiar number, and waited for the dial tone.


"Ella! You need to come over right now! Bring Peter Pan, ice cream, chocolate, and Lollies!"

"Everything alright?"

"Everything is great! Just hurry! Talk soon!"

I ran out to the living room grabbing every single pillow, and blanket in my small one bedroom apartment, and throwing them in the lounge room.

For quiet a small apartment, I had quiet alot of pillows, and blankets!

I fixed the big flat scream tv, so it was facing us better, and I ran back to my room, and chucked on a t'shirt.

I didn't wear pant's much, Ella knew that, and didn't care. I was comfortable wearing just a shirt, and undies.

I waited for Ella to arrive, and then Finally ten minutes later, I heard my front door open and close. I peaked around the corner, and she was walking towards me.

Ella was a short red haired girl, with Bright blue eyes! She recently dyed her hair red, before that, she was a blonde!

We'd been bestfriends since the start of high school! We were in the same class together, and were together 95% of the time!

We shared so much, from clothes, to dreams, ambitions, memories and everything else!

"Are you ever going to wear pants?" Ella laughed.

"Uhh.. No.. Why would I?"

Ella just shook her head at me, and laughed.

"So! I brought Peter Pan, but I also brought One Direction - This Is Us!"


"Yep!" She nodded.

"Let's watch it!"

We set ourselves up on the lounge floor with our food, and One Direction!

It started and all the boys came up on the screen looking all serious, and then Louis hit Niall in the face, and Ella and I cracked up laughing! We couldn't help it. It was so unexpecting, and just hilarious!

We were half way through the movie, and I turned to Ella.

"Let's make a One Direction Fan Instagram.." I smiled.

"What?" She asked looking at me confused.

"You know, make a Instagram, all about One Direction..."

"Lets!" She laughed.

I pulled out my phone, and started making an account.

"What should we call it?" I asked.

"I don't know.. One Direction are us?" She laughed.

"Ahh, no.. That's terrible!" I laughed "Something thats no cheesy, and sounds good.." I added.

"Well I got nothing.." She sighed.

"How about Curls and Quiffs.." I suggested.

"Yes! Do that!"

I typed it in, and pressed next, and waited.

"It's not avalible.. How about Curls and quiffs13?" I said.


"Okay! Our Instagram is @curlsandquiffs13.."

We made an Instagram, and started posting random photos of the boys. We had no followers, but were following a heap of people.

We spent most of the day following people, liking everything, and gaining a few followers. We got really excited when someone followed us, or even liked our photos!

"Want to stay for dinner?" I asked.

"Jesse not home for dinner?" Ella questioned.

"Jesse and I broke up this morning.." I sighed.

"What? Why?"

"He's been cheating on me for ages as you already knew, but last night he didn't even bother to check his face when he got home, as I woke up this monring and he had red lipstick around his mouth, and on his neck. I'd had enough, So I dumped his cheating ass!"

"Good job!" Ella praised.

Ella's POV

I was happy that Logan had finally gotten rid of her stupid boyfriend. He was such a jerk, and treated her so badly, yet she kept him around. She generally loved the idiot.

"So are we eating out, or in?" I asked.

"Let's get Thai?" Logan suggested.

"Yum! The usual place?" I asked.

"You know it!" she winked. "Let me go fix my hair, and put some clothes on.." She laughed running down to her room.

I followed her down to her room, and laid down belly down on the bed watching her rumage through her cupboard.

She pulled out a pair of blu skinny jeans, along with a blue checkered shirt.

She quickly changed, and ran off the the bathroom, and came back with her straightener.

She plugged it in, and ran back to the bathroom, and came back around five minutes later with make up on. She only had foundation, and mascara, and eye liner on, but that was all.

Her blue eyes looked brighter, because her make up was dark.

She started straightening her long brown hair, and finally finished a short time later.

We went back out, grabbing our things, before we walked out the door, Logan put on her old favourite cowboy boots, and we walked out the door.

"Do you own any other shoes?" I joked.

"Why? What's wrong with my boots?" She asked.

"You wear them all time.." I laughed.

"They're my favourite, they're comfortable, and they remind me of home.." She laughed.

Logan and I moved from a small counrty town, to Melbourne when we finished school. Logan was studying to be a Nurse, and I was working full time.

We ordered our dinner, and ate, talking about a heap of things, most of it just crap, like usual.

"Let's move to London.." Logan said.

"What?" I asked.

"Let's move to London.." She repeated. "I've always wanted to go there, let's move there for a year.."

"Loges, What about my job? and what about you? You're still at Uni.." I sighed.

"You hate your job anyway, and I find out my uni scores in a month.. Let's move to London.."

"You're crazy!" I laughed.

"So do you want too?" she laughed.

"Why not!? It'll be fun! It's only a year anyway!" I agreed.

"Looks like we're moving to London!" Loges Laughed.

After our little 'big ambition' we ate our dinner, paid, and left.

As the restaraunt was only a 15 minute walk from Logan's house, we walked.

As we started walking home, chatting and laughing, I noticed two girls, arguing with a guy outside a 24/7 cafe. Loges and I kept getting closer, and closer, until we both realized who the guys was.

It was Jesse. He was clearly drunk by the way he was standing, and the way he was slurrying his words as he yelled at the girls.

"Hey!" Logan yelled as she ran towards the girls.

"Babe!" Jesse yelled back.

"I'm not your babe Jesse! We're over, over and done with. I'm never going to get back with you. You're a cheating lying bastard!" She yelled back to him. "Are you girls alright?" She said turning to the two girls standing there in a little shock.

Before anyone could even say a word, Jesse hit Logan, and she'd fallen to the ground, hitting her head.

"LOGAN!" I yelled turning to her and falling to my knees.

The two girls were still standing near me, one was on the phone, and the other was on her knees next to Logan.

"Ambulance are on there way.." The girl on the phone said.

"Thanks!" I mumbled as tears fell down my face.







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