The Supply Teacher

Lauren Brooks isn't your normal teenager. She goes to MapleWood Heights Academy and lives in the boarding house.
She's always been rebellious , never listened to anyone and most of all , she's always been herself. But then she meets the supply teacher Mr. Styles and suddenly art becomes her favourite lesson. But will she choose her crush or her supply teacher ?(A lot better than it sounds!!!) warning : sexual scenes (._.) and swearing. A lot of it. A. Lot. Like , so much ._. [Yellow for now , MAY become red idk]


5. Authors Note !

A/n- HEEEY ! How do you like dis book ? :)

Short authors note , yea

But , if you guys read my book 'Baby Sis' , can you give me feedback ? Also if you read my other book 'Secrets' I'll probably discontinue it. But , I'll update 'Baby Sis' when I get feedback. So , feedback please ?!

I'll love you forever <3


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