The Supply Teacher

Lauren Brooks isn't your normal teenager. She goes to MapleWood Heights Academy and lives in the boarding house.
She's always been rebellious , never listened to anyone and most of all , she's always been herself. But then she meets the supply teacher Mr. Styles and suddenly art becomes her favourite lesson. But will she choose her crush or her supply teacher ?(A lot better than it sounds!!!) warning : sexual scenes (._.) and swearing. A lot of it. A. Lot. Like , so much ._. [Yellow for now , MAY become red idk]


4. 4-Project

"So , you know the project ? I was thinking that we could maybe do a collage , but I'm not really sure," I mumbled. "I like you!" John whispered. I smiled. "Hilarious joke." He looked at me. "Seriously , I like you. It's not a joke!" He exclaimed. I sighed. "Well , what do you wanna do for the project ?" I asked him.

"Hey , Lauren. How'd your project go last night ?" Aidan asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "I left an hour earlier than I should of. Me and John kind of had a small argument. I really like John and I know that he doesn't like me that way but I just can't help but imagine it happening and every time I do , I get upset!" I explained. He hugged me. "Just talk to him. For me ?" I smiled and walked through the school gates.

Ew , I've got science first lesson. "Hey , Lauren. Can I ask you something ?" Alex sat next to me. I nodded my head. "Would you kinda ask John to prom ? He told me last night after you left that he was gonna ask Bethany but , you know , she's a little... Revealing. If ya know what I mean. And he said because you don't like him like that , he can't go with you. So , please go with him!?" He explained. I walked to the empty seat next to John. "Hey , look , about last night. I just really need to talk-" he stopped me from talking. "Don't worry about it. It's fine , I get it , you don't like me the way I like you. We'll just be friends. I'm cool with that." He walked and sat next to Alex. I slammed my head against the table. Why don't I just keep my fucking mouth shut! I wish I'd never spoke ! I walked out of class and into the yard. "Hey Lauren !" Alex shouted. "What the hell happened back there?" I sighed. "He practically said he'd rather go with some stupid slut. You wanna know something ? I was being delusion , ya know ? Actually thinking that me and John had a shot together. We don't have long left , proms on the 26th of June. I just give up ! I give up with everything ! My life's just a whole mess!" Alex engulfed me in a hug. "You're life's amazing ! Don't worry , he likes you! I know he does," he whispered. I pulled out of the hug. "He's right. He told me , Lauren," James explained. I wiped my tears away. "What does it matter anyway ? He's probably asking Bethany as we speak..."

"Lauren ?" Mr Styles asked. I looked at him. "Can I have a new partner for the project ? Me and John kinda had an argument," I asked. "Wait , why ?" I sighed. "I don't really wanna talk about it. So , can I have a new partner ?" He looked at me and sighed. "I'll think about it." He walked back inside.

Alex's POV

"Hey John , this is really important. It's about Lauren. She really just needs-" he sighed and looked at me. "Lauren doesn't wanna go to prom with me , I know. She doesn't like me , I know. Can you stop rubbing it in !?" He shouted. "SHE DOES LIKE YOU !! She can't stop thinking about you. Don't you get it ? When she tried to talk to you before , she wanted to explain. But now , she thinks you've already asked Bethany to prom. Which is in 30 days ! So , go get your girl!" I walked out the classroom with John to find Lauren.

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