The Supply Teacher

Lauren Brooks isn't your normal teenager. She goes to MapleWood Heights Academy and lives in the boarding house.
She's always been rebellious , never listened to anyone and most of all , she's always been herself. But then she meets the supply teacher Mr. Styles and suddenly art becomes her favourite lesson. But will she choose her crush or her supply teacher ?(A lot better than it sounds!!!) warning : sexual scenes (._.) and swearing. A lot of it. A. Lot. Like , so much ._. [Yellow for now , MAY become red idk]


3. 3-Help !?

"Why do I have to do this , Lauren?" Aidan asked. "I care about you. I don't want you to die. You're an amazing best-friend. Is that enough reasons ? That didn't sound right , did it?" I looked at the floor and thought about my sentence. "Can you stay outside ? Please," he begged. I nodded my head. I kissed him on the cheek. "Good luck!"

"Hey , Mr. Styles ? Can I ask you something important ?" He nodded his head. I took a deep breath. "Do you think Aidan will be okay ?” He looked up at me. "Of course he will!" He grabbed my hand. "Don't worry about it," he whispered. "Lauren and John , could you two work together ?" He winked at me. Fuck ! We looked at each other and nodded our heads.

I've got construction next too , we both chose the same options at the end of year 8 , but I chose history and he chose something else , I'm not sure what. "What project should we do?" He whispered. "Holy shit ! You scared the fucking shit out of me!" He laughed.

I walked on the school bus with John and Alex. Yea , I go to the boarding house but we're starting our project and decided it would be quieter at his house. "Wait ," I stopped walking , "won't they ask me for my bus pass?" Shit.

"Don't worry , I've got it." Alex walked over to the teachers and fell over. "My leg ! Shiiiit!" He winked at us , telling us to go. We quickly walked on the bus. "Come and sit at the back with me," John whispered. He grabbed my hand and we sat at the back. "My leg feels better! Bye," Alex ran up to where we were. "So , you two gonna start your "project" ?" James asked emphasising the word project. "Well , probably. Wait , what "project" are you thinking of?" I looked at John , "no ! We are not going to fuck each other !" I shouted. Maybe a bit too loud. The year 7's heard us. Shit. "How about we talk about it tonight?" He asked. I nodded my head.

"Bye," I said to the help-support woman. "Well , how'd it go?" He sighed. "I've got another appointment. Would you come?" He begged. I nodded my head. "Sure , when is it?" He gave me the slip of paper. "4:15 tomorrow afternoon." I hugged him. "Aidan, can I ask you something ?" He nodded his head. "Why didn't you tell me what was going on at home in 'that' art lesson? Do you trust me?" He grabbed my hand. "Yes , I do trust you , it's just we always joke on together. I just didn't know if you would take me seriously if I told you. I guess I'll just tell you , I'm going to take my younger sister and move house. Alone." My eyes widened. "What !? I'm pretty sure that's classed abduction!" I whispered , "is there a problem at home?" He nodded his head. "My mums on drugs and my step-dads drinking and she's only 4!" He explained. "That's a good reason. I can help!" I smiled. I hugged him.

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