The Supply Teacher

Lauren Brooks isn't your normal teenager. She goes to MapleWood Heights Academy and lives in the boarding house.
She's always been rebellious , never listened to anyone and most of all , she's always been herself. But then she meets the supply teacher Mr. Styles and suddenly art becomes her favourite lesson. But will she choose her crush or her supply teacher ?(A lot better than it sounds!!!) warning : sexual scenes (._.) and swearing. A lot of it. A. Lot. Like , so much ._. [Yellow for now , MAY become red idk]


1. 1-I'll tell you this once , so listen up!

Hey ! I'm Lauren Brooks. I don't listen to anyone about anything. I'm 16. I go to MapleWood Heights Academy. I live in the boarding house because my mum couldn't handle my 'attitude' and 'bad behaviour' whatever... I hate school. I hate teachers. I hate lessons. I hate life. I leave school soon , yay..?

I walked into art. Great , I get to see Mrs Walker. Woohoo , not. I hate art. Mrs Walker talks about her husband cheating on her (or so she thinks) but I doubt he is. Mr Walker's the maths teacher. "Settle down class. Take your seats!" Mrs Walker demanded. I sighed sitting next to Aidan , the class clown. "I will not be in school for the next few weeks. You'll have a supply teacher. He's on his way now to meet you all-" she got interrupted by a knock at the door. Yay ! A cute looking guy walked in. "Hello Mr Styles. This is the class you will be teaching for the next few weeks. Watch out for those two at the back!" She pointed to me and Aidan. Aidan waved flirtatiously to Mr Styles. We all laughed. "Babe!" He shouted to me. I slapped his head. "May I speak to you outside?" He pointed to me. I stood up and walked outside of the classroom. "Don't do anything. Keep it away from PG 13!" Aidan shouted. Mrs Walker started shouting at Aidan. "I've never met you before , but you seem lovely. You haven't made a very good impression on me , have you?" He asked. He's so fucking hot. I smiled at him. "Why do you care about me ?" I asked him. He walked closer. "Because without education , you'll never get a job. You'll never get to start a family , have a nice house or a nice husband. All because you didn't listen at school!" He whispered. My smile faded. Is he right ? "I don't like shouting at my students," he told me. "Maybe you're right. This is one of the best school in the country and here's me messing on and ruining my life. As usual," I mumbled. He lifted my head up. "Why don't you come to some classes after school ? Tonight ?" I nodded my head and walked back in the classroom. I sat down and popped my hand up in the air. "Yes miss Brooks ?" Mr Styles asked me. "Do we have a project ?" I asked.

I went into the art classroom for my after school class. I knocked on the door and walked in. "Yo!" I shouted to Mr Styles. He smiled at me. "Sit down on the front table," he told me. I sat on the table. He looked at me. "What ?" I asked him , my British accent getting more...British. "You said sit on the front table. So I did!" I smiled. He sat next to me on the table. "Why do you act like rules don't apply to you ? What makes you different to everyone else ?" He asked. I was stuck in deep thought. "I guess since coming to the boarding school , it changed me. My mum hates me and I guess I just changed... My mum hates me. She leaves me at the boarding house during two week holidays , the only time I go home is when it's Summer or Christmas" I trailed off. He looked at me. "If you ever need someone to talk to , you'll always know where I am," he told me. I smiled. I felt the blushing ness crawling up my cheeks. I fell off the side of the table. "Are you ok?" Mr Styles asked me. I nodded. "Great!" I said weakly. He helped me up. Can he be anymore fucking hotter !?!?!? I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. "Well , I urm... Better get going. Bye!" I quickly walked out. "Same time tomorrow!" He told me. I smiled.

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