Dealing With Andrew Lombardi

For those who read and enjoyed "Bear" this is kind of a epilogue to explain how Mac decided to deal with the mobster who tried to ruin his life. Enjoy <3


2. The Discussion

Chapter 2

He pointed his glock at the shaking mobster's chest and motioned for him to sit. "We have a lot to talk about now don't we? Like how to kidnapped my boyfriend, raped him and ordered your guard to beat him nearly to death. You see, I really don't appreciate that." 

"Please don't kill me detective. Please!" He sat in the chair behind him as Mac pointed the gun in his face. "Why shouldn't I? After what you did to Bear?! I should shoot you in the head and leave your body here to rot. But I won't. I have a better idea."

He put the gun to the man's knee cap and pulled the trigger, blowing blood back onto his face. The shrill scream echoed through the room and the door was thrown open as two burly men with blank stares pushed their way into the room, "Boss are you okay? We heard gunshots and we.."

He was cut off by the bullet that blasted through his head and into the back wall. The other goon pulled a pistol but never even got to raise it because the detective was faster and put two rounds into his chest. 

He turned back to the terrified mobster, "Now, where were we? Ah yes, I was about to ask you why the hell you ever thought it was a good idea to kidnap my boyfriend? And what was going through your thick skull when you decided to rape him? Hmm?"

When he didn't recieve an answer he punched the quivering man in the nose, breaking it and spilling blood down his front. "Fine! Fine! I'm sorry! I needed a way to get to you! You seemed unbreakable until one of my men saw you holding hands with that boy. Then I knew I had a found your weakness. I went and followed you myself and saw the way you looked at him, which only confirmed my suspicion. I never would have thought a tough guy cop like you was gay." 

Mac looked at him with cold indifference in his eyes, "That's all I needed to know. I have no further use for you." The mob boss knew what was coming and raised his arms, begging and pleading, but it was too late, all five bullets ripped through his chest, leaving him alive but slowly bleeding out.

With no regrets, Mac turned and left the building to go home to his love.

(I decided to make this super short on purpose as it is only meant to clear up the problem of Andrew Lombardi! Hope you enjoyed it and keep your eyes open for the real sequel to Bear!)

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