Dealing With Andrew Lombardi

For those who read and enjoyed "Bear" this is kind of a epilogue to explain how Mac decided to deal with the mobster who tried to ruin his life. Enjoy <3


1. Found You

For those who read "Bear", this is the short story of how Mac decided to deal with rapist and mobster, Andrew Lombardi. Enjoy<3


Chapter 1

It was freezing cold outside but Mac didn't care. He had important business to deal with and Boston's January weather wasn't going to stop him. Checking to make sure the safety on his glock was off, he stepped into the view of the mobster guarding the gate to Andrew Lombardi's compound. After finding out that Mac had saved Bear and was after him, the mob boss had gone into hiding and doubled his security. That hadn't stopped Mac from beating the shit out of a underling and getting the location of the safe house. Now he was here, and someone was going to pay for what had happened to Bear. The doorman pulled a pistol and let off a shot that missed the detective by a mile. He rolled forward and let loose a shot of his own, catching the mobster in the throat. Instant silence. His footsteps were silent and his breathing calm and slow as he walked into the wearhouse. He was greeted by the sound of voices down the hallway so he ducked into a nearby empty room and waited. When they were gone he emerged and began his search for the man who had hurt the one he loved.

He heard a familiar voice and stepped into the room. The man he hated had his back turned to him; an easy target. It would be simple to kill him now, but he wouldn't. He had the need to kill him face to face. Slowly. So he could experience the pain and terror that Bear had experienced for almost three days.

"Andrew. Turn around." 

The mob boss turned, terror on his face. He knew who Mac was and he knew what he was here to do.

"Sit Lombardi. We have some things to discuss."

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