Summer Heart a young huntress, finds herself trapped in a world that she thought was reality. But when she meets others like her, others who were her. Others who wanted to be her, her life changes forever, she must choose between family and fate or suffer the wrath of the Queen.


2. First Kill

I look, I stare. It sits there, still. I draw my arrow, the arrow of death. I look at it, it remains still. 

"Do it! Kill it! Don't be a joke!" The words they pierced me. A joke. I release. Its dead. The deer is dead. My first kill. I had just opened a door, a door that would be impossible to close.......


I look at the meat on the table. I had brought it home for my family so they would not starve, but I took its life. It is dead because of me........ 

"I'm going to bed." I said as I got up. My family stared at me.

"No." It was my father who replied. He looked at me, then he stared straight through me.


"No." He repeated himself, and I looked at the floor. "Sit down, you must eat." He continued to stare right through me until I had done what he asked. Then he replied with a small nod and went back to his meal. I stared at my food once more, and disgusted by what I was about to do I put the food into my mouth. 

It was several minuets before we had finished, only a small contents was left on the table. On my plate. My father looked at the wall, my brothers did the same. My mother on the other hand beckoned me to help with the clearing up. 

"You must be careful around him." My mother said, once we reached the kitchen.

"But why?"

"He's........ Going through a rough time now." That did not answer my question.

"But why?" I said again. 

"Once you'r older you'll understand." Great. The once your older card. I turned to look at my mom. Her brown hair was pulled into a bun and her once beautiful blue eyes had gone gray. She acted as if she knew nothing, but she hadn't been this pale since grandma died. Something was wrong. 

"Summer a word please." My father came in, looking as dreadful as my mother. A once handsome man whose color's faded. I followed him into the grubby sitting room. Awaiting there for me were my older brothers. Tobias, Artemis, Luke, and Sean. They all looked at me, and for the first time I saw a resemblance in them all, they all looked confused and helpless. My mother came in the room, and sat near father. 

"We have been given an offer.......... by the Queen." We all gasped, The Queen. She would never look twice at us. Why would she want to make an offer with us? Then I knew, we had something, something she wanted. Or something she feared. "She has offered us a good home in the village, a never ending supply of food, and a positive future......"

"But?" Was all I could say.

"But," My mother was crying, tears falling onto the floor. "She wants you Summer, she wants to talk with you."  


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