It All Started Underneath the Tree

Year 7 love. The stupid thing that breaks kids hearts. But what will happen when Jane is partnered with Max on an assignment? Will it all come crashing down when the new boy Harry Styles asked her out? Read on to find out more...


3. Why me

As she approached the two girls hovering over Max she stopped. Then realised that this was wrong. She didn't feel the urge to be around Max anymore, so she turned her back to them and walked off, proud of what she had just done.

But she then started crying. Completely out of nowhere, "hormones" Jane though to herself. But she was wrong, she was crying because she say Issy on top of Max kissing him. Jane ran. Then he heard shouts behind her coming from the other schools bullies, Bec and Maddie. They pushed her to the floor kicked her and punched her until she was bleeding. She screamed out for help but no one came. Just as she thought it was all over, Maddie pulled out a knife and sliced Jane's arm and stomach 5 times, blood pouring onto the ground.

* 6 years Later *

It's been 6years now and I still go to school and am beaten by Maddie and Bec. I want to kill myself. I take the sharpest knife from the kitchen and run out of the house grabbing my phone and slipping on my runners. As I run down the street to the closest park. I bump into a boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes that sparkled in the sun. As I looked up to face it, he must have seen my mascara from yesterday, not forgetting my eyes all red and puffy from all the crying.

*Harry's POV*

As I ran along the path, going anywhere but home, I'm bumped into a short beautiful girl. Her hair shone in the sun and swayed as she ran. She looked upset so I asked her what was wrong but her answer was " nothing ". I didn't believe her so I followed her this park. She sat on the bench and started to cry...

* Jane's POV*

I sat on the bench crying my eyes out, I wished I was dead. It's not like anyone would have realised that she was gone. No one cared. As she slowly took the knife out from her pocket she looked up to see the same boy she had ran into when she was running. He asked if he could sit with me. And of course being me, I freaked out and finally got out the answer, sure.

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