It All Started Underneath the Tree

Year 7 love. The stupid thing that breaks kids hearts. But what will happen when Jane is partnered with Max on an assignment? Will it all come crashing down when the new boy Harry Styles asked her out? Read on to find out more...


1. 7th Grade love

As the crowded of kids pushed past each other all looking for the best seat. Jane took the first seat in the back row, as far away as she could be from the bitches that put her down everyday.

from a young age Jane had always been bullied but this year seemed to be better. As she turned her focus toward the window, the teacher called her name making her refocus on the lesson. She had just been partnered with Max. The hottest guy in the whole school, also her crush for the past 3 years.

As stupid as it sounds, they were all in 7th grade still the babies of the high school. Young love never worked out and was just little kids wishing they had boyfriends/girlfriends. The worst thing about all of it was the fact that they never even spoke to each other, they would say they had a crush on each other and then bam! Before you knew it, you would have the whole school knowing your were a so called thing...

As a rush of thoughts bursted though Jane's mind, Max had already approached her, blushing as red as a cherry. It wasn't until the end of the lesson that Max asked if she was interested in sitting with him a lunch! (woah year 7's huge move) she replied with an over excited yes and rushed off to period 2, dropping most of her books on the way there.

As she entered the usual place where Max hung out, under the biggest tree at the back of the school, she realised that he wasn't alone. He was with the biggest bitches in the school, Isabella and Harriet, the girls that made Janes life a living hell.

Redunctly she approached the three people waiting for her to join them, with only one of them seeming interested in her presence.

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