Alone in decision. Too afraid to ask anyone on opinion, a seventeen year old girl lies to her mother to go to a twelve step program in hope of cleaning herself up. But will it all go as planned? Or just make situations worse? No matter what happens, her life will be changed and she won't ever turn back.


3. Chapter Two

Turning the corner there was this wide, long, gray hallway. I felt so cold, but it was refreshing since I was already burning up from being so nervous. I walked slowly trying to figure out what was happening in the room.

Was I late? Did they start without me? With the door wide open and directly in front of me I thought I would see people sitting down in a circle or something. Was I too early? It didn't take me long to get here. Walking slowly, I pulled out my phone to see the time. My clock showed 6:20 and I took a deep breath putting it back and walking through the door.

"Ahh yes more people, good." This middle aged red head said to himself walking over to me with the biggest smile. "Welcome, welcome it's so nice to see you here today! My name is Mark Shaw, you can call me Mark and I will be the facilitator for today. If you could walk over to that small table and grab your name tag then take a seat, we should be getting started soon." Mark happily informed me patting me on the shoulder then turning to go talk to someone sitting.

Easily finding my name I decided to just put it on my upper thigh then went to go sit in the back corner row of chairs. I was surprised, usually in movies and stuff people normally sit in circles but I guess we are doing that later. Looking around I noticed not that many people were here. It's probably because I'm here a little early. Pulling out my phone to look at the time we only have seven more minutes and only seven people are here.

The room reminded me of a huge basement. Everything was gray and plain. Nothing was decorated, or painted, except for a little poster that said "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them." I thought that was interesting, but I already knew what was wrong about me. What more could be discovered?

Looking at my phone I noticed there was no service in here at all. But I was relieved, no one could bother me. I actually felt kind of safe here, blocked from the world. I don't expect to befriend anyone here, they all look 20 years older than me. I wouldn't mind spilling out my life to them.

"Okay everyone, I think we better go on and get started." Mark announced nicely guiding the three people who just walked in, to the table where the names were. "It looks like no one else will be showing up possibly, so I think I will just get started! Since I'm going to be your facilitator for this program I wanted to begin by introducing myself to you all." He began with a smile.

I couldn't tell if he was new to all this, or just a happy person. Growing up around happy people I am used to all the happiness he shows so it didn't bother me. Looking at everyone else it didn't seem to bother them except for this one guy. I didn't notice him before, he wasn't sitting with everyone else but on the other side of the room. He looks about my age, possibly 19 or 20, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable and I don't know why. He has thick, curly, brown hair that fit his face nicely. His eyes were very difficult for me to look away from, such a gorgeous green. Even though he acted as if he was forced to come here, I could tell he came on his own. Before I knew it I was more concentrated on this stranger than what I actually came here for. Right before I looked away, we locked eyes and I couldn't pull away. He was the first to break the connection looking at the ground putting a slight smirk on his face making my ears start to warm up.

"Crap" I whispered to myself causing the lady in front of me to turn her head slightly, and then go back to listening to Marks happy introduction. I should probably start paying attention to it but I just couldn't look away.

"Alright well now that you guys know a little about me, let's form a circle and begin introducing each other." Mark announced causing everyone to immediately rise up and move the chairs around.

"What" I mumbled slowly standing up pulling my chair in the middle following everyone else. The room was huge and so it gave everyone the opportunity to have their own space.

"Oh common get over here and sit with us please." Mark invited the stranger in the corner over, and he stood up bringing his chair. As I was sitting down I looked up and noticed he was walking over near my side of the room, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. We only made eye contact and laughed it off, it's not like we are dating or anything.

"Hey, uh is this spot taken?" I heard a raspy voice with a slight accent ask me. I didn't look up to see who it was; when I get shy I normally don't like to make heavy eye contact.

"No." I breathed out pretending to fix my shoe so I wouldn't have to look at whoever was sitting next to me.

"The name is Harry, and if my observations are correct, I believe I saw you checking me out a little bit ago." I could hear the smile in his voice and I couldn't help but laugh.

"I was not checking you out, I was just...looking around, and we so happened to make eye contact while I was in the process." Looking up at him I almost forgot how to breathe. I hate the way I talk when I'm trying not to look shy, I suck at flirting!

"Hah, you're cute." He easily said to me with a breathtaking smile. But before I could reply Mark began talking again.

"Now that we are all settled let's begin by introducing ourselves, this will help us have an open and trustworthy environment. I will start, and then we can go around from the left." Mark explained then introduced himself. Each person one by one, stood up and said their names. As I was listening to them speak I felt a tap on my foot. Thinking nothing of it I looked down seeing Harry's foot on top of mine and I slid my foot away from him.

"What are you doing? You need to be paying attention!" I whispered, slightly laughing.

"I don't care about them!" he loudly whispered, but I was glad we were in a bigger circle so hopefully no one heard him.

I noticed I was up next so I mentally prepared myself for standing up, but then Harry began to loudly yawn and I could feel his arm on my back.

"Seriously, you're going to play that trick on me? Well it's not going to work." I whispered pulling his arm from behind me smiling.

As I was quietly laughing I noticed no one was talking, I looked up and everyone's eyes were darted on me. It was my turn to introduce myself.

"..Oh! Sorry." I nervously laughed beginning to stand.

"Um hello everyone...My name is Emma Cook." I announced looking at the gray floor.

"Hello Emma Cook." The entire group replied, but Harry ecided to shout it causing me to slightly blush, then I sat back down.

Harry's turn was next.

"Well hello everyone, you all look so lovely today." He said with a giant grin that caused everyone to smile.

"My name is Harry Styles; it's so nice to meet all of you." He said with a sarcastic tone in his voice, and then sat down.

"Hello Harry Styles" everyone replied, but this time I was shouting the loudest.

After that everyone else finished introducing themselves and Mark went back to lecturing us again about everything that will happen in the sessions. It was very hard to have a serious attitude about everything with Harry making side jokes here and there. But soon it was over and time for us to leave.

"There are refreshments in the back room if any of you would like some, and I will hopefully see you all tomorrow!" Mark ended and without hesitation I headed to the back room, and walked straight for the cookies. There was not a lot of talking while I was looking at all the treats left out, but I didn't think anything of it. I was starved.

"So, Emma, I was thinking. If you uh, ever want to hang out, or just get your feeling out you can just call me alright." Harry said standing right behind me and at that moment I could feel his hand in my back pocket causing me to freeze and get this weird pull in my stomach as he slightly squeezed, leaving something noisy behind.

As soon as I could catch my breath and turn to face him, I noticed I was the only one in the room. Not even thinking twice I shoved my hand where his previously was and felt a little paper. Pulling it out, it had his number on it. Why did he give me his number? Why would he ever want to talk to me? In that moment I actually remembered where I was. The twelve step program. Does he not know what that means? I know I should be happy that a guy actually wants to talk to me, but what if he hates me after he sees the real me?


Driving home he was the only thing on my mind and I couldn't help but smile. It shouldn't be a big deal to me, but it's not everyday you get a number from a hot guy with an accent. I tossed the paper in the passenger seat and I kept glancing at it wondering if I should call, when I should call. After I parked and got out I made sure to put it back in my pocket so no one could see what I was hiding.

"Well don't you look happy. How was your first day?" my mom quickly blurted before I could begin to close the door. Distracted in thought for a moment I didn't understand what she was talking about.

"...Oh! It was great, just introduction to everything we would be doing and the gaming outfits they have made so far. And then we played some video games, it was fun." I lied beginning to walk up the stairs to my room.

"Oh well that's great, I'm just finishing with dinner I will call you down when it's ready." She replied distracted dicing vegetables.

"Okay, thanks!" I replied now running up the stairs, feeling my back pocket where the paper was hidden.

As soon I got to my room I immediately saved his number. Looking at my phone I didn't know if I should call him or not. I really wanted to talk to him. I wish I could have a girlfriend to talk to about this but I didn't want to risk the chance of admitting where I met him. So I just decided to text him instead.

Hey its Emma from the program...

As soon as I pressed send I instantly regretted it. He will probably think I'm a crazy, clingy freak! Why did I do that! I'm so stupid. I knew I should of waited.

As soon as I got up to change into my pajamas to try to get my mind off of him, the phone buzzed and I ran over to see if it was him, but tried to play it off like I didn't care when I went to light up the screen.

Harry Styles:

Hey babe, it took you long enough:)

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