Alone in decision. Too afraid to ask anyone on opinion, a seventeen year old girl lies to her mother to go to a twelve step program in hope of cleaning herself up. But will it all go as planned? Or just make situations worse? No matter what happens, her life will be changed and she won't ever turn back.


10. Chapter Nine

Now here's where it gets nasty. Ahaa so I have never written smut or anything this sexual, so I hope you enjoy... And understand what I'm saying (; ahaa xx


Looking up from kissing my neck he examined my eyes.

"Your nervous." He said with a smirk. His curly hair just barley brushed my cheeks, he was so close to my face.

Trying to hide it I shook my head. He wasn't convinced. He sat up, my legs in between his and he put his warm hands on my stomach and started playing with my shirt. I liked the feeling of his hands on me. Next thing I knew my skin felt open to the air; he was taking my shirt off. Letting him, I raised my arms making it easier for him to take it off. I'm glad I put on my favorite bra; all black, but the top half was transparent lace.

"So your the expert eh?" He said looking me up and down.

"Well..." I said looking away. Although I was addicted to porn, that didn't mean I was the city slut.

"Aw babe," He said pushing his lip bottom lip out. I assume my reaction gave him the answer. He leaned down placing both his hands next to my shoulders.

He leaned towards my ear, "well me neither. But that will change soon." He whispered, I could feel his hand slide down and he started undoing my jeans. I pictured myself doing the same thing to him, but I was frozen. I could feel his soft mouth nibbling at my ear, it was like lightning flashed all throughout my body. Embarrassed by how I would react I squeezed my eyes and slowly exhaled. He noticed.

Looking up; he brushed the hair from my forehead looking me in the eyes. "Babe, don't fight it. I wanna hear you. I wanna know if I'm doing this right." He said with a serious tone.

His hand slid in my unzipped pants rubbing against my underwear. He was looking deep in my eyes for a reaction I refused to give. He rubbed harder. I bit my lip, but moaned anyway, it felt so good. He smirked and moved his hips rocking against his hand. My heart was racing and my head was spinning. This is actually happening.

Not knowing what to do I reached for his pants. I could feel him grinning on my neck where his lips were. He moved up hovering over my head.

"Tonight is my night to pleasure you babe." He said with a smirk showing his dimples. Still, I pushed at his pants. With his free hand he grabbed mine holding it above my head. Putting some of his weight on my pinned down arm he moved farther down; from my neck, to my chest, then down until he was kissing around my belly button. I started to giggle because it tickled and he lightly chuckled.

Taking his giant hands out of my pants he sat up. Harry started scooting to the edge of the bed then onto the floor on his knees. Looking up at me he leaned forward getting a good grip of my thighs pulling me closer. He pulled the ends of my jeans until they were halfway off. He bent my knees, then started pushing them apart with no success. Groaning in frustration he roughly pulled them off completely. My eyes went wide; I was laying in front of Harry with only my pink underwear and black bra.

I noticed he was getting frustrated on how slow this was going. But he controlled himself and started kissing at the top of my feet. Opening my legs and bending my legs; he slowly kissed the inside of my calfs, then up my thigh. Kissing my underwear he exhaled deeply and chuckled.

"Damn your wet," he said with a smirk and went back down. His thumb rubbed against my clit in a circular motion. I could feel it barley rub me; just enough to feel, but not enough to satisfy me. Wanting more, I automatically moved forward. Gripping my hips he pushed me back which made me a bit frustrated. I was throbbing and wanted more, and he knew that.

From my hips he rubbed down to the top of my underwear slowly pulling them off. I started lifting my legs up so he could take them off easier. With my legs in the air he spread them apart bringing them back down putting his body in between. Sliding up to my face he kissed me passionately. I could feel his bulge rub against me, and I wanted him inside me.

With all this desire, it made me realize how much I didn't know myself. I never imagined myself in this position. I never imagined wanting him so bad. I didn't want him playing with me, I wanted him in me.

As he was kissing on my neck I made my back arch. My body moved so I could rub against his. He wants to tease me, then I can do the same. Slowly moving my hand up, just enough where he wouldn't notice, I rubbed my hand on his bulge. I could feel his chest vibrate as he moaned.

He tried moving my hand away but I kept at it. I could tell he was getting angry at me and it made me smile.

"Damn it Emma! Cut it out!" He groaned and it made me giggle. The only way he could make me stop was if he went down, and finally he did. Grabbing the sides of my ass he kissed my upper thighs. His lips moved in closer. Biting my lips i started playing in his curly, soft hair.

His hot breath brushed on me and it drove me crazy. I want him so bad. I started to moan but instantly gasped, arching my back even more. His warm smooth tongue rubbed on my clit. Almost pulling his hair my legs shut but he pushed them back.

"You like it eh?" He said from below, i didn't want him to stop. Every time I went to talk the only noises that came out were moans. Not thinking I pushed his head back down and I could feel him smile.

He slid his hands up grabbing at my chest. "Say my name," he said looking up but not moving from his position. I could feel my body scream for more, but I couldn't speak.

"Uh-" I moaned but couldn't say a word. His tongue was moving faster. I felt like screaming but I forced myself not to. Sliding his hand to my mouth I licked his finger tips slowly then shoved his fingers in my mouth. He bit his lip looking me in the eyes as I sucked harder moving my tongue around the tips. Memorized in my action he pulled away going back down.

Lightly rubbing around finding my entry, he slowly entered. All the pleasure I was feeling seemed to instantly multiply. Automatically I clamped my legs tightly against his shoulders, "Harry," I said moaning even louder. My eyes almost went to the back of my head and I started breathing heavy.

His finger slowly moved around, then out. I could tell I was wet by how easily he began to slide in and out. My body involuntarily wiggled around as he was looking for my G spot, but I can't see how it could feel any better than this.

"Oh Harry, shi- don't sto-," I started to say but was not successful.

"Shh." Harry shushed concentrated on pleasuring me.

His thumb began to rub on my clit and I shut my legs even tighter. "Oh fuc-" I said right before moaning once more. I was almost hitting climax, and I think he could tell.

Pulling his finger out, he put them up to my mouth to taste and I obeyed. Looking into his eyes I sucked his middle finger hard tasting the sweetness of my liquid. He lightly moaned in response.

Leaning up he kissed me hard, but delicately. Immediately I grabbed at his bulge once more but he grabbed both my hands pulling them over my head.

I bit my lip grinning at him and he looked at me trying to show his anger. Trying to put my head up to whisper something in his ear he leaned down. "I want you inside of me," I whispered then lightly bit his ear. I could see his eyes widen and I smiled. He moved away putting his lips on my ear; "not tonight," he said then gave me a mocking smile.

I tried moving my arms to hit him but I couldn't. Here I am basically nude, and he is almost fully clothed. It's not fair.

Going back down I watched as he licked his middle and pointer fingers. Licking my clit he slowly pushed his two wet fingers inside of me. At first it was tight and slightly uncomfortable, but I ignore it. As soon as he twirled his warm tongue around it felt better than before.

As his fingers rocked in and out; so did the rest of my body. My moans soon turned into grunts and screams. My hands gripped harder at his hair than ever before.

"UH HARRY!" I yelled and my body felt like it was electrically on fire. If pleasure was electrical; I just got hit by lightning. I half screamed and half moaned as my body went into a state on uncontrolled movement and feeling. Loudly I cussed so many different things I couldn't keep track. After a few seconds my body jolted and my hips repeatedly jerked back at his constant rub. My body soon became tired and I shut my eyes exhausted.

Harry slowed to a stop and kissed my clit gently. The warmth of his breath felt good on me. Soon he moved up laying on top of me. I inhaled and exhaled long and loud trying to catch my breath.

"Damn," I said breathing out, with a smile. Harry leaned over, now laying next to me. I moved my body so my back was against his chest. I ignored his bulge and drifted to sleep, holding his hands in mine.

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