Alone in decision. Too afraid to ask anyone on opinion, a seventeen year old girl lies to her mother to go to a twelve step program in hope of cleaning herself up. But will it all go as planned? Or just make situations worse? No matter what happens, her life will be changed and she won't ever turn back.


15. Chapter Fourteen

I woke up alone laying in my bed. The sun was just through the window hinting it was early morning. Sitting up i saw a piece of paper at the end of the bed. Crawling forward I grabbed it reading;

Hey, I just ran to the store to pick up some more tea and some other things. I didn't want to wake you. I should be back soon so don't worry. There are some eggs and bacon in the oven waiting for you(:


Reading this I smiled then got up walking to the kitchen. Opening the oven there was my breakfast like he promised. Pulling it out, the plate was still warm. Shutting the oven, I walked over to the kitchen counter pulling out a fork and started eating. The food was fresh and delicious, which was a surprise because i'm the one normally cooking, or ordering something to eat.

After finishing, i put my plate into the sink and walked into the living room debating on what i should do next. grabbing and sniffing my shirt; it smelled bad. Thinking for a moment I realized I was running out if clean clothes.

I walked over to the back room where a small door was, in the wall near the window. Opening the door was a small, white washer and dryer. we haven't used it yet so everything was in place. I walked over to the closet near the door grabbing my bag. Walking back, I threw everything in the washer and stripped down putting my pajamas in the washer also. quickly, i took my underwear off dropping them in last.

Next to the machines were small baskets filled with washing fluid. Picking up a small pouch with the pre-measurement, I tossed one in, shut the door, and started the washer. Completely nude; i ran to the bathroom shutting and locking the door behind me. now its time for a shower.

taking my hair out of its braid, i grabbed a white towel setting it on the toilet, then started the shower. i felt the cold water on my hand, and adjusted the temperature. after a minute, i stepped into the shower, the warm water felt nice on my skin. Not worried about the shampoo or soap, I stood there. My mind went blank, then filled with thoughts. Thoughts of Harry, and what Louis could be doing to him. The scream Harry made after he warned me through the phone repeated in my mind. Feeling horrible about everything I shook my head trying looking around to occupy myself. Grabbing the little hotel soaps i washed my body, then used their shampoo washing my hair.

After getting squeaky clean, i stepped out quickly grabbing the towel, dried off my body, then wrapped my hair up with it. leaning down under the sink, i grabbed another white towel after realizing how many we had. I didn't want to walk out into the cold. but i exhaled sharply and opened the door to the living room.

walking fast i held my towel and went to the bed crawling under the blankets. listening to the washer spin, i grabbed the remote and put on a kids channel. Harrys favorite show was playing next, and it made me want to break down in tears but i forced myself not to.

Sitting in bed under the covers, I shut my eyes listening to the audio. Almost drifting asleep I hear the door nob, Zayn must be back from his little shopping trip. As the door opened I greeted him with my eyes still shut but he didn't reply. Tilting my head towards him, I spoke louder.

"Hey Zayn," I said and as I opened my eyes a hand was over my mouth. Shocked I fought for freedom from his hold, but he was stronger. Trying to focus on the figure now on top of me he was white with deep drown eyes and had thick brown hair that laid perfect on top of his head. He looked to be in his early twenties.

"The names Liam," he said with his teeth connected. He also had a British accent, and I knew he was with Louis. His voice was sweet but he forced himself to sound tougher.

With one arm I fought to fight him off me, and the other pulling up the blanket to cover my wet body. I was using all my strength but he didn't budge. I started loosing my breath only breathing through my nose, I tried to scream but his hand prevented that.

I was now growing tired of trying to fight him off. He noticed my weakness with a grin. Shushing me he placed his index finger over his mouth using his free hand. Terrified, I obeyed.

"Good girl, good girl. Now you don't need to be so scared. I'm not here to hurt you babe." He said fixing his position so now he was on top of me with his knees on both sides of my hips. He was above me with his hands next to my shoulders, and me laying under him.

Trying to catch my breath I examined his face. If he got away, I wanted to know I could find him. His face was soft, he doesn't look evil, not like Louis. When he smiled, it looked forced. On his neck was a small brown birthmark and fade freckles everywhere. He was fit, his arms bold and nothing but mussel. I noticed he had a few tattoos on his arms but could see what they were.

"Why are you doing this?" I said as a tear fell from the corner of my left eye to my temple. I watch his eyes follow the drop and for a moment he looked hurt. Like he felt my fear, my pain. But it didn't stop him, it made him worst.

Without responding he sat up grabbing my wrists and pulling them above my head. The tightness of his squeeze made me want to fight back but I couldn't, and my legs were trapped under the blankets. Liam leaned closer to my face, his breath was cold against my lips. I turned my head away from him, and in response he started kissing at my neck. I didn't like how he felt against my skin.

"Please stop," I whispered through my silent cries. But he said nothing, only shushing me. I didn't like this, and I wish Harry was here to save me. I felt so weak pinned back like this, being touched like this.

Anger flowed through me and I growled trying to wiggle free. I knew it wouldn't do anything to help, but it was the only thing I could do.

"Emma, Cut it out. Stop fighting this. Your the one who wanted this. Your the one addicted to this kinda shit!"

Liam lifted his head and forced his lips on mine preventing me to speak. I could feel his warm tongue slid into my mouth as his lips moved forcefully so I would have to do the same. In panic I bit down as hard as I could on his tongue. Immediately he yelled and sat up. Holding his mouth he made eye contact, then looked away at his finders seeing blood.

"Bloody hell!" He yelled then slapped me with his dry hand. I could feel the sharp tingle rested on my cheek, then the pain grew stronger. With my hands now free I put them on my cheek where he hit me. And I bawled to the feeling. No one has ever hit he as hard as he did. My cheek felt like he set it to flames, but I couldn't stop the fire.

"If your going to be a little bitch, then I guess I will have to treat you like one!" He yelled then grabbed my hair pulling me to the ground. I started to scream as I felt my hair rip out of my scalp. Slammed on the floor the blankets were halfway off my body. It showed just enough for him to know I wasn't wearing anything underneath.

With my chest to the floor I put my hands down so I could push myself up. Just before I was fully up, a hard uncomfortable pressure hit my stomach pushing the air out my lungs. Falling back to the ground another hit of pain landed on my side. Gasping for air my body stayed on the ground, too weak to get up. Everything around me started spinning. I could hear Liam yelling but for a minute but I couldn't pick out what he was saying.

Instantly I felt cold, and open. Now I had nothing covering me from Liam. Still uneasy, I tried to get away but my mind was moving faster than my body. I was frozen and couldn't move.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" he said throwing his pants over to the side, I could hear his belt jingle when he did.

"No, no, no, don't please!" Was the only thing I could scream out.

Now he was I n top of me and I could feel his bare, hairy legs rub against my thighs. His cold hands were on my shoulders, then down under my arms feeling the edges of my breasts. His hands were gentle, but strong against my skin. Soon his hands went lower and lower down my body. Scooting down he was now sitting on my calfs, feeling on my ass. Terrified I looked at the door, seeing myself run out of it, but my body wouldn't move.

Gripping my hips he pulled them up so my ass was in the air. I could hear him quietly moan. Putting his crotch against my ass he leaned forward comfortably feeling up my stomach. Slowly he cupped my chest then rubbed my nipples. Loosening my neck I let my head hang free as I started sobbing harder.

"Oh babe don't cry," he said using a baby voice. But I didn't respond, I was so terrified at this point, I can't even breath correctly.

I could feel his boxers rub against me and automatically I started leaning froward away from him straitening my back. He sighed and removed his hands from my breasts grabbing my shoulder turning me over roughly. With my back now to the floor he was hovered over me.

I could feel my energy regain and I fought at him again. Reaching up I hit my fist against his jaw as hard as I could. But he didn't move or respond to the hit. I could see the blood rushing to that spot, so I knew he was hiding the pain.

"Your gonna pay for that," he said flat.

Grabbing my thighs his nails pressed into my skin. He pulled my knees up fixing his position. Leaning over me holding himself up with one arm, he pulled down his boxers just enough for for dick to hang out. Shocked at the length he slammed his fingers into my opening with no warning.

Screaming, I felt everything but pleasure as he rammed his index and middle finger inside of me. Trying to fight him off I saw his face light up. He must enjoy watching me suffer like this.

"Stop! It hurts!" I yelled as he added a third finger. The skin around my opening felt like it was ripping.

"What? Too much for you?" He asked with a sarcastic tone. Finally he removed his fingers and I felt relieved. Feeling even weaker than before I shut my eyes and felt my body work. Felt my heart race, my bruises sting, and my opening heal.

"Well then you'll sure love this." He said and my eyes dashed open. He was about to put his massive dick inside me. I slammed my legs together as hard as I could and screamed as loud as my voice would let me.

Leaning forward he slammed his hand down on my mouth also hitting my nose. But I kept fighting. Harder he pressed down on my face and for a moment I thought my skull would crack in half, but I didn't care. I wasn't going to let him do this. Leaning forward he somehow got my hands trapped under his chest then laid down on top of me so I couldn't swing.

I could feel his warmth searching for the opening. I tried to open my mouth to bite his hand but nothing worked. This was actually happening. He was going to rape me.

Fighting harder my eyes filled with tears and my breath grew short. His hand still pressed on my face and it was extremely hard to breath. I could feel him over the surface just pushing in. In that moment I gave up. I can't do anything to stop what was about to happen. Louis won. Resting my body I stopped moving, there was nothing I could do he was stronger than me.

"What the hell is going on?!?" I heard someone yell but couldn't draw out who.

Immediately Liam was off my body and onto his feet. Pulling his boxers up he grabbed his pants and started yelling words I couldn't pick out. Everything around me was a blur and I couldn't see anything for a moment. Gaining focus;I tilted my head back and saw Zayn slam the door, throw the white plastic bags down, and charge for Liam.

Liam half naked and now on his back, Zayn was on top of him throwing punches left and right. Shocked I stood up, grabbed the towel halfway off the bed wrapping it around my body, and ran over to Zayn. At this point Liam was covered in blood and looked half dead.

"Zayn no!" I yelled. As much as I hated Liam, I didn't want to see Zayn kill him.

Zayn ignored me. Grunting as he punched at Liam harder and harder. Liam had his arms up for protection but slowly they lowered falling to the ground. Yelling at Zayn to stop I went over wrapping my free arm around him pulling him back.

"Zayn you got him. He is done with. I'm fine. Zayn it's okay, you don't need to beat him to death! At least not like this." I said trying to fight back the tears. I didn't know what to say to Zayn. But I didn't want to see him kill someone.

"No Emma your not fine! This is not fine! None of this is!" He looked into my eyes yelling. He was right, none of this was okay.

Heavy breathing he stood up and walked around the living room. Placing his hands over his head he paced. Liam moaned in pain trying to stand, and just before he could; Zayn walked over stomping down with his foot on Liam's back.

"Your not going anywhere," he said then looked at me. Examining my body he could see all the marks Liam made. His eyes filled with pain and guilt.

"What did he do to you Emma?" He said and his nose wrinkled up then went normal. Walking over he placed his hand gently over my shoulders where he could see the red marks Liam's hands made.

Looking down I didn't say a word but moved my body showing him everywhere Liam hurt me. When he saw Liam's hand prints on my face his eyes squinted, and a teardrop fell from his sweet brown eye. He didn't look sad, but mad at the situation. I could tell he was beginning to blame himself for what happened, for leaving me like this. But I didn't blame him. I'm just thankful he saved me. Turning away he walked over grabbing the hotel phone. He dialed a number then turned his body away from me talking to the other line. He gave description of what I assume to be the situation, but I couldn't hear what he was saying.

I stood there feeling the pain blast through every inch of my body. After a minute or two Zayn hung up the phone, walked over examining Liam, then walked and stood in front of me.

Loudly inhaling, then exhaling quickly he gazed into my eyes. Raising his hands, he gently held both sides of my face.

"I promise you Emma; I'm going to find him, and I'm going to kill him." Zayn said holding the deep gaze. From shock I was speechless, so I just nodded my head looking away.

Soon a knock was at the door, and the hotel security picked up and dragged Liam out the room. Whatever Zayn told them, I don't know. But he was gone.

For the rest of the day Zayn and I laid in bed. He made sure to put my clothes in the dryer, but until then he let me wear one of his shirts and some clean boxers. Zayn was very protective and it made me feel safe. All this time I have been waiting to feel something for Zayn, some sort of attraction. But to me he is the big brother I never had.

"Thank you," I said while laying in bed.

"For what?" He asked but I knew he knew the answer.

"For saving me," I said and he didn't respond. But instead he held me tighter rocking me, humming a beautiful tune I didn't recognize.

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