Alone in decision. Too afraid to ask anyone on opinion, a seventeen year old girl lies to her mother to go to a twelve step program in hope of cleaning herself up. But will it all go as planned? Or just make situations worse? No matter what happens, her life will be changed and she won't ever turn back.


5. Chapter Four

Laying in my bed i stared at the ceiling drowning deep in thought. My phone vibrated and the light flashed making me jump. slowly looking for my phone i unlocked the screen seeing it was a text from Harry. I could feel my body tingle all over and i started to get butterflies when i went to open the message he just sent.

"Hey babe, you know what tomorrow is? :)" I slightly laughed

"Yeah its Tuesday what about it? (x"

i could see he was replying and i patiently stared at the screen waiting for him to reply.

"Its the day i get to see your beautiful face again:) your coming right?"

"yeah i am (:"

"great. i have to go to work so can i call you tonight?"

"yeah you can...but i cant talk long tonight i have school in the morning!"

"aw babe but i love hearing your voice ): ill will try to hurry up my shift ;) talk to you later babe"


Looking at the time it was only five but staying up talking to Harry all night has made me so tired. he normally gets off around nine so i will just take a nap until then. walking over to change into my pajamas i got in bed set my alarm and when to sleep.


deep in sleep i had this dream about Harry. my mom had just woken me up for school. she told me i had a friend here that was going to give me a ride. i was really confused because i live so far away from everyone else.grabbing my coat i walked outside and saw Harry leaning against this Black Range Rover in ripped black jeans and a brown leather jacket waiting for me. when he saw me, he gave me this seductive look showing off his dimples as he smirked.

"hey babe" he said while aproching me

"what are you doi-" I didn't have time to react, he quickly captured my lips. It was warm, and his lips were soft. Passion burned within the kiss, desire. Our eyes were closed, both of us savoring the moment. His arms wrapped around my waist and my fingers intertwined into his soft curly hair. grabbing my hips he pulled me closer to him pressing his lips on mine. quickly he pulled away looking into my eyes, waiting for confirmation to keep going. looking into his deep green eyes and back to his lips i moved in pressing our lips together again. he easily picked me up moving me up against the car. i could feel his hip rock on mine and his tongue slowly slide into my mouth. pulling away he lifted me up and sat me down on the hood of his car. when he did the car alarm went off. Harry looking pissed went for his keys to shut it off. he started to yell at me telling me how horrible i was for everything i did. He told me he knew my secret, my secret addiction. he told me i was a sick messed up person and ran off. My heart dropped and I stopped breathing, I was expecting myself to cry but I just started looking at the car. i didn't understand what was going on because the car lights wernt even flashing. it was like the world was going off. i tried to run after Harry to tell him it wasnt the car but i kept falling. it was like I had no control over my body. yelling for him i immidiatly woke up.

"Harr-" i started to yell but stoped when i realized i was awake. Gasping for air i realized the beeping in my dream was my alarm clock and i felt a little better, but still very confused. sitting up i turned my alarm off and looked at my unread messages, all from Harry.

"hey babe, they are keeping me here an extra shift i wish i could call you but i will be getting back late. you get your rest and i will call you tomorrow"

I decided not to reply and just pretend I was asleep. Thinking about my dream I realized I have to admit my addiction tomorrow. I could feel my heart beating faster. I was so nervous, but I know this is what's right. He needs to know the real me.

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