Alone in decision. Too afraid to ask anyone on opinion, a seventeen year old girl lies to her mother to go to a twelve step program in hope of cleaning herself up. But will it all go as planned? Or just make situations worse? No matter what happens, her life will be changed and she won't ever turn back.


16. Chapter Fifteen

"Emma! Emma!" Zayn yelled running out the bathroom with the phone to his ear. Leaning back to see him; his face was serious but there was a brightness in his eyes.

I was in the kitchen putting dishes away. Placing a clean dish back on the rack, I walked out so he knew I had his full attention.

"What?" I asked rubbing the water off my hands onto my legs.

"Niall has view on Louis's location. He found Harry!", he said pulling the phone away from his mouth so he wouldn't yell in Niall's ear.

As releived and happy as I was in this moment, my face went hard. Finally we found him, and finally I can do something about Louis. I didn't want Louis to get away with what he is doing to Harry, but also what he has done to me.

"Niall hacked into some security cameras and found him. But we have to hurry before Louis finds out. So get dressed and I will find out more information." Zayn explained then walked over to the window fully concentrated on Niall.

I quickly went to the closest pulling out my bag. I carried it into the bathroom and shut the door, setting it in the sink. Digging through the bag I pulled out some black leggings and a loose pink top. In this situation, I didn't want anything holding me back.

Looking in the mirror at my reflection I watched my brown eyes; bold and determined. Pulling my brown hair out of its bun, and I watched it fall. My hair has gotten so long with it now past my shoulders near the middle of my back. Grabbing the brush next to my bag I pulled it through my hair. After getting the tangles out I put my clothes on, then pulled my hair back into a braid.

With a knock at the door, Zayn popped his head in asking if I was ready. I nodded grabbing my bag throwing it back in the closest. Just as I shut the closet door there was a familiar beep sound and a flash. My phone was ringing. I forgot all about it, and was a little shocked the battery hadn't died yet.

"Common Emma we need to go." Zayn said shutting the lights off and opening the front door leading to the hallway. Not saying anything I grabbed my phone and we walked out.

Leaving the hotel I realized this was the first time I have been outside in over a week. The fresh air felt nice going in my lungs. The sun was bright and warm on my skin.

Following Zayn, we approached a group of men all dressed in red suits with black pants. Zayn pulled out his wallet from the back pocket of his light blue skinny jeans. He pulled out a small white ticket, and a ten dollar bill handing it to a guy with red hair and a huge smile. Zayn smiled back and nodded at him, then the red head turned and ran for Zayn's car. A few minutes passed and the guy was back, driving a black, beautiful Bentley up parking it in front of us.

With a smirk Zayn walked over as the guy stepped out the car. He tossed the keys to Zayn and said something to I couldn't hear. Zayn chuckled and looked at me. I hurried and opened the door getting inside. Zayn put the key into the ignition and off we went.

"Okay, so here's the deal," he started, his eyes focused on the road and a plan. "Niall said they are in a boat house about 20 minutes from here. He is surrounded by open land, and open water. If we are going to do this, we need to work together. One wrong move and we could be exposed, losing any chance of saving Harry." Zayn said calmly, but I could tell he was still nervous. So was I.

"Okay, so what's the plan? Do you know what the place looks like?" I asked not really knowing what else to say or suggest.

Zayn nodded his head handing me his phone. Unlocking it, there was an image of what I assume is where we are going. It was a beautiful unpainted house. It was small, but no surprise if it was huge on the inside. There was a Chinese style in the way it was built, no doubt the place was highly expensive, it was truly a beautiful little place. looking around Zayn was right about us being exposed, i saw nothing but grass and open water. Reaching over, Zayn slid his finger over going to the next photo. It was a zoom in on the house with a red dot in the top section of the house.

"Is that Louis?" I asked trying to solve the reason he was showing me this.

"Harry," he said shaking his head.

"Well then," I said with a sigh.

Just then my phone vibrated. Pulling it out my back pocket I saw it was at 20% battery. Looking around I found Zayns car charger connecting it to my phone. Finally looking at my phone I had dozens of notifications. Scrolling through them I saw tons from my mom. She has been texting me all week, and I realized she is back from her trip.

"Crap!" I said under my breath reading her messages.

"What?" Zayn asked taking his phone and placing it in between our seats.

"It's my mom, she is worried about where I am. She just got back from Canada yesterday and has been calling me all night." I said while texting her that I'm fine and not to worry. This is not a good time for her to get in my way.

"Well good thing it's spring break, you can just say you spent the night at someone's house or whatever." Zayn said shrugging his shoulders but still having his eyes in the road.

"Is it really?" I asked confused. I have been so worried about Harry, and distracted by Zayn to even realize. Just to double check I pulled up my calendar, and Zayn was right.

"I can't believe you didn't even know, and you're the one in school." He said taking a glimpse at my face laughing, then putting his eyes back on the road.

I smiled halfheartedly, and the rest of the ride was silent. Looking out my window we were surrounded by tall trees. Driving on a two lane road I enjoyed the scenery. Every few miles there would be patches of open area revealing the deep blue water. The sun hit on the small waves making it glisten. Admiring the view, it reminded me that we were coming closer to our destination. I was so nervous I felt like throwing up, thinking of what we were getting ourselves into. I thought about Liam, and how easily he got into the hotel room. How easy it was for Louis to get Harry. It made me realize how powerful this guy really is. And how weak I truly was. How am I going to do this? How will Zayn and I alone get inside and save Harry?

Turning onto a gravel road I could barley see the the tip of the brown, wooden boathouse from where we were. Zayn stopped the car pulling the keys out and opening the door. I sat there watching him confused at what he was doing. Before getting out of the car he turned and looked at me. His face was calm.

"Are you coming?" He asked then got out the car shutting the door behind him.

Taking my seat belt off I grabbed my phone off my lap, opened the door, got out of the car, and tossed my phone in the seat. Looking for Zayn I saw him behind the car opening the trunk. Walking back to him the trunk was empty. Before I could ask anything he looked at me with a smile revealing his bright white teeth and his eyes slightly squinted. With my eyebrows pressed together I looked at him in confusion but he ignored my expression.

Leaning forward he pulled up a piece of black cloth that was covering two black handles with a small number pad to the left of them. Easily he typed in a code. A light flashed green and there was a loud clicking noise which must of meant he unlocked whatever was underneath. Grabbing the handles he stopped and looked at me again.

"Now before we get into this, i just want to say, whatever happens in there...i want you to know i will always care about you okay?" He said in a serious, loving tone. He then pulled the handles and I just nodded my head.

Opening the hatch all I saw were guns of all different kinds. There had to be over twenty of them held perfectly in place. It was the first time I have ever actually seen a gun, besides in the movies. They all seemed to be around the same size, but all had something unique about them. Looking at each of them, my favorite was one that was black, with a shiny, clean silver patch in the middle. After briefly observing the new objects laying in front of me I fully realized what these were. They were guns; weapons of pure destruction.

Shocked I looked at Zayn, "Where did you..."

"Do you really think I would come here unprepared?" He said pulling out a black bulletproof vest from the side of the trunk, then tossed me the other one. Catching it, I put it on and watched as he took his shirt off, put on the vest, then put his shirt back on over it. He then loaded a black gun about the size of his hand, and slid it in the front of his jeans just below his belly button and covered it with his shirt.

Trying not to look stupid, I grabbed for the black and silver gun, also the size of my hand. Before I could get a grip of it Zayn slapped my wrist.

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. I need to show you how to work one before you can go picking up guns like that." He said and I just stepped back placing my hands on my hips.

After getting himself set up he showed me how to use the guns. He told me the differences between a Glock 17 and a semiautomatic but if you asked me; all I could tell you was something about the loading was different. But finally he showed me how to shoot. It felt like a long process but I finally held it correctly. It was cold against my fingers and I always pointed it to the ground away from our feet. I was terribly nervous about the fact that I might actually kill someone, but I didn't say anything to Zayn. He only allowed me one gun so I assume he could tell.

"You ready?" He asked me as he shut the trunk, then we started walking. Looking down I nodded my head.

"If you can't do this, you don't have to. No one is forcing you to do this." He said flat keeping his eyes on the weapon in his hand. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't.

"Let's go." I said looking up into his eyes. There was no backing down now.

Slowly, we walked towards the house. The gravel pathway we walked down was not very long. Just a few feet from the car, I could easily see the house. We were surrounded by tall grass and pretty flowers, although I knew how dangerous this place was; I kind of felt at peace. Walking along the tall grass, every few seconds I would reach for some playing with it in my hands.

Soon I began to think hardly on what will possibly happen. I imagined us finding Louis and shooting him to the ground. Saving Harry just before something horrible would happen. I pictured myself getting pinned by one of Louis men, but getting out knocking them out. I pictured things I knew were never going to happen.

Just before we were in the open at the end of the road, there was a giant rock to our left so we crawled behind it. I looked on the left, him on the right examining the area. There seemed to be more open space than what it looked to be in the photos Niall sent. The place looked empty, no one guarding the outside. Looking through the windows I saw no one. Were they even here? Confused I looked over to Zayn but he was in full concentration.

"There!" Zayn said tapping my shoulder pointing. Looking back over to the house I quickly scanned the bottom floor up to the top. On the roof there was a little room that might be used for sightseeing. Carefully I looked up there and could see something. After a moment the figure moved and I could see curly, brown hair.

"Is that Harry?" I whispered

"I think so, but he is the only person I see." He said in a normal voice.

"Well then let's go!" I said crawling from behind the rock anxious. I didn't want to look scared so I tried taking charge.

With hesitation Zayn followed, and with caution we approached the house. I gripped my gun locking my elbows with it pointed down just like Zayn showed me. I prepared myself for the worst. Dashing my eyes in every direction, the smallest movements caught my attention. My hands were sweaty, and every couple steps through the fresh cut grass I would dry them off slowly rubbing one hand at a time on my pants.

The air was cold, but the sun was almost blinding. My eyes were so focused on the wooden boat house; sometimes my ears would shut out Zayn's breathing as he walked close to me. I felt ready, but I knew I had no idea what I was doing. Observing the area I must admit it was gorgeous. The water was clear and very peaceful, the grass green and wet. Observing the house as we approached it, it seemed bigger than in the picture. Looking though the big windows I didn't see a single person inside. I should be worried that no one is here, but I know I saw Harry upstairs so I stayed alert.

Walking over a very small, wooden bridge to get to the front; we were now on a wooden porch that was barley above the water. Our backs were against a wooden column that helped to hold up the house. Zayn peeked in the glass door window to see if anyone was there. He dashed a look at me, then slowly turned, walking forward and opened the door. Still behind the wooden column I watched him as he fully opened the door, pointing the gun straight ahead. He looked back at me to confirm it was safe and I began walking inside following behind him.

The inside was empty and open, in the front room there was a small wooden table surrounded by two wooden chairs, next to it was a light green couch. The room was wooden brown and fairly large. None of the lights were on, so everything was naturally lit.

We continued walking beginning our journey to the upstairs, where Harry must be. In the very back was a small flight of stairs that proceeded up in a twist. They were covered in a tan carpet that felt weird with my shoes still on. I spotted a small door to my right as we proceeded up the stairs. I hesitated to look inside of it, but assumed no one could be since this place was so empty.

"Do you see anything?" I whispered watching Zayn look up at the next floor but still standing on the staircase.

He shook his head then looked down to me; "I see a door, I think that's where Harry is."

Confidently he walked all the way up and I followed behind him. Surprisingly the upstairs was much bigger than I suspected. The area was darker than downstairs, no windows surrounded us. Although I could still see Zayn, it was hard to see with my eyes still adjusting to the light change. A door was far in front of us with a small window bringing a bit of light into the dark room.

Zayn immediately changed; he was still calm but seemed different in a way. His actions became peaceful and automatic, like he was showing me around a new house for sale; not like we were about to save Harry. His actions, and the way he walked seemed routine. I stayed next to him half looking forward and half watching his face. Every few moments he dashed a look at me like he was trying to keep track of my movement. He must be nervous.

Finally approaching the door we moved to both sides of it so we wouldn't be shown through the window. Slyly I looked through it seeing two male figures, both facing away from the door out the windows admiring the water.

Looking hard I saw a guy with curly hair like Harry, but something about his figure made me not believe it was him. The curly hair boy was sitting in a wooden chair near the giant windows. He was in light grey sweats and a white tank top, his figure was a bit bigger and buffer than Harry. On the opposite side of the room was a tall, fit, guy standing. He was in a red sweatshirt and black skinny jeans. His hair was brown and semi-curly; fitting the description Zayn gave me once before.

"Is that Louis?" I asked in a very light voice nudging Zayn on the shoulder with my elbow.

"Are you mad?!? He is a bit rubbish if you ask me." A familiar voice said that definitely was not Zayn.

Quickly turning my body I examined the stranger in front of me. It was hard to draw out his face only using the light struggling through the door window. He had a fine face with bristly facial hair under his nose, and around the outside of his cheeks. His hair I could see brushed the back of his neck and fell free on his head. His eyes were dark and evil, I felt uncomfortable looking into them. He made me feel so small.

"Thank you Zayn," he said looking over to him and my eyes followed.

Zayns eyes filled with guilt as he looked at me. Then his face went hard as he looked at Louis and nodded.

"What is this?!" I raised my voice feeling nothing but anger.

Ignoring me he spoke to Zayn; "well your work here is done, so you can leave now." He said waving his hand towards the stairs. My eyes were hard on Zayn but he never looked back, he just kept walking leaving me alone with Louis.

"Zayn!" I yelled, but he kept walking. Staring at him walk down the stairs, all the trust I had for him drained out of my skin. My heart filled with an indescribable emotion, something very new and unpleasant. Zayn set me up, used me to get on Louis good side or something like that I could bet. All the late night laughes and secrets we shared. I though he was my friend, someone who I could trust. But I was wrong.

"What do you want from me!" I yelled at Louis and in response he smiled. He was extremely intimidating but I didn't want to show my fear.

"I want you to shut the bloody hell up!" He yelled raising his hand, I saw he was holding a black gun similar to the ones Zayn had. So fast and unexpectedly I was crashing to the ground. Then, blacked out.


Waking up my head was pounding. I was wrapped up in a blanket crammed inside something small. It was hot and I felt sweat on my forehead. Looking around everything was dark except for a small horizontal line of light in front of me . From what I could see, I figured out I was in someone's trunk. Terrified I started to scream banging my hands and feet everywhere trying to make as much noise as possible.

"Help me! Help me!" I screamed desperately.

There was a banging and Louis was yelling at me "Hey! Hey! Pipe down before I give you something to scream about!"

Out of fright I stopped. All I could hear was my heart pounding and my heavy breathing. I leaned forward so my mouth was near the line of light trying to suck in as much oxygen as the small crack would allow. I could feel the cool air slip into my mouth. Finally I got my breathing down to a regular, and listened carefully outside.

"It was Zayn, I think it was Zayn that found him." A man with a deep voice and a strong Irish accent explained with a tremble.

"What do you mean it was Zayn?! How could one man just easily get passed and release him?" Louis said with pure anger and frustration in his voice. "Damn it Paul!" He yelled then slammed his fist into the trunk, which made me flinch. "I gave you one job! And that was to watch Harry! And you can't even do that!" He yelled and I could hear Paul mumble looking for a good explanation.

Louis feet stomped as he walked. Paul grunted and I assume Louis punched him.

"Go get the others so we can find him!" He yelled and I could hear Paul run off.

"Damn gotta do everything myself," Louis muttered then got into the car. I could hear the engine roar to life then fall silent. He slammed on the gas moving the car forward at a rapid speed. I hit my head on something sharp and could feel the antagonizing pain begin.

I don't know where we were going, but I do know it involves a lot of quick turns. I pulled the thin blanket off my legs forming it into a pillow for my head. Shutting my eyes I tried to focus of the wind blowing off the car. With my head nearly exploding I wanted to calm myself down enough to be able to think.

Instantly I could hear someone blasting their car horn. I couldn't tell if it was Louis or someone else, but being able to briefly feel the vibration of the horn I assumed it was Louis. Suddenly the car jerked hard left making the top of my head ram into the trunk wall. Someone crashed into the car. My knees were now against my chest. The impact was strong but it didn't seem to have much impact on me. Looking up the line of light was a bit thicker. I tried pushing it up but had no luck, it was still locked. My head eventually grew back to the pounding headache. More stronger this time.

Carefully I tried to listen to outside attemptingto ignore the heavy heartbeat in my ears. But for minutes I could only hear cars zooming by on a distant highway, or some kind of busy road.

A car door nearby slammed shut. Their feet stomped hard on the concrete with an uneven medium pace. I could feel Louis car door swing open, and with a grunt someone fell to the ground; Louis fell to the ground. I could hear what sounded like a man talking but I couldn't tell what he was saying. Eventually Louis began to reply, I could hear the noises of his voice but not the words he was saying. Back and forth they spoke in weak, angry tones. I tried breathing slow and quiet. I shut my eyes trying to concentrate on their voices.

"Don't do this man, it doesn't need to come down to this!" Louis pleaded. He had fear in his voice which was something I never imagined hearing from him. "Remember when we were kids, right after Gemma died?" Louis desperately asked with a tremble.

"What about it?" A familiar voice asked.

"Remember when you went crazy and almost killed yourself? Who was there for you?" Louis asked with kindness in his voice.

"You were."

"And who was there to stop you from chugging that bottle of pills down your throat?"

"What's your point?"

"Do you remember what you said to me after that?"


"You said that you would honor me with your life. Make sure nothing bad would happened to me. You promised Harry, you said that. Don't you remember?"

"Well I guess I forgot Louis. I guess it slipped my mind after you pinned me up and took a bat to my stomach. I guess I forgot when you sent someone to molest- nearly rape Emma, and force me to listen!" Harry yelled, he had no guilt, fear, or sympathy in his voice, just pain, and anger.

Frightened I held my breath. I don't know what's going to happen but I feel that if I interfere, it would end up worst.

"Harry plea-" Louis began but was interrupted by the blowing of two shots. Two gun shots.

For about ten minutes it was completely silent. Harry started to yell and bawled. Did he kill him? Was Louis dead? I know he is, but I didn't want to believe it. I should be encouraging this but I felt horrible inside. I also began to weep at the though. I covered my mouth with my hands so he couldn't hear me. I was terrified knowing that Louis is dead, and Harry killed him.

Harry Styles actually Killed Louis.

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