Surviving The Dead 2

Surviving The Dead 2; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A little update about the previous series, the group has split and are on their own once again. Kim is separated from her husband James and got stuck with Harry. Louis and Eleanor are with another group that got away with their car. Liam is teamed up with the person he envies, Niall. As of Perrie and Zayn, no one knows just yet. On Surviving The Dead 2, James and Kim had split, he has now joined Lincoln and his crew, there is no denying or you will be killed. Will the group reunite? And will James ever see Kim again. Read on as the story changes and twistes.


5. Episode 5 - The Last Call

Louis: Kim? It sounds like her! Kim! 

Nick: *knocks Louis out from behind* 

Liam: Ok, we're, um, we're sorry, we'll leave now. *backs up a bit* Harry! 

Lincoln: *tries to fire at liam* 

Liam: *attacks lincoln* 

Harry: *hears and runs towards the gates and shoots it* 

James: *shooting at harry* 

Harry: *dashing through behind the houses* 

Nick: *running* 

Harry: *runs into nick* 

Nick: Harry? 

Harry: *hits nick with the gun and drags him into one of the house* 

Liam: *fighting Lincoln* 

James: *barges into the room and pulls liam off* 

Liam: *looks and sees james* 

Lincoln: *gets up and beats up liam* 

Liam: *trying to escape* 

Nick: *wakes up* 

Harry: Where are my friends at? *holds his gun to nicks head* 

Nick: What do you mean? 

Harry: *pressures the gun to nicks head* 

Nick: Don't shoot please. 

Harry: Where are they! *clicks the gun* Tell me now or I'll blow your head right now. 

Nick: You can't! If, if you do, then, then you won't know where they are. 

Harry: *aggressively* Where! *getting impatient* 

Nick: They, they, they are with Lincoln. 

Harry: What about the girl! 

Nick: What girl? 

Harry: You know who I'm talking about! 

Nick: She's, she's in the back of the truck with, with her friends. 

Harry: *thinks for a bit* Who? 

Nick: Zayn, Zayn and Perrie. 

Harry: Where are they! 

Nick: In the back where all the trucks are. 

Harry: Give me the keys. 

Nick: I don't have them. 

Harry: *pushes the gun more* 

Nick: Ok! Ok! Just don't kill me, it's in, it's in my office. 

Harry: Where is your office! 

Nick: Near Lincoln's office. 

Harry: Take me to get them. *holds nick's arms* Go! 

Nick: *leads harry* 

James: Surrender I said! 

Liam: *choking* 

Kim: James? *bangs on the door* Babe! James!  

Lincoln: *looks at james* 

Liam: *passes out* 

James: *releases liam and quickly goes and opens the door* 

Kim: *looks james in the eyes in tears and bruises* 

James: Babe? What happened? 

Lincoln: *aims the gun to james head from behind* Don't you dare move or I'll blow the both of your heads. 

James: *puts his hands up* 

Lincoln: *walk over here to the seats* 

James: *holding kims hand and walking to the seat* 

Lincoln: Good, now stay like that. *chuckles* Bet your husband couldn't even do it like me huh. 

Kim: *looks away* 

James: You raped my wife! 

Lincoln: *looks at james aiming the gun* Shut up! *chuckles* Yes, yes I did. *smiles* 

Harry: *opens the doors* 

Zayn: Harry! 

Harry: Let's go, c'mon! 

Perrie: C'mon Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *weak* 

Perrie: C'mon, I'll help you. 

Zayn: *helps Eleanor* 

Harry: *looks at nick* Get in there. 

Nick: What? 

Harry: Get in there! 

Nick: No, I, I've been good, I haven't done anything... 

Perrie: *slaps the shit out of nick* Nothing! You raped her you sick bastard! 

Harry: *pushes nick into the truck* 

Nick: Please. 

Zayn: No, he deserves more than just being locked up. *grabs the gun from harry* 

Nick: Please, I didn't do anything to you Zayn. I beg you not to shoot me. 

Zayn: *closes his eyes and shoots nick* 

Nick: *falls to the ground* 

Zayn: *opens his eyes* Is he dead? 

Harry: You shot him in the head. 

Zayn: *gives the gun to harry and walks off first* 

Harry: We have to get Liam and Louis. 

Eleanor: Louis! 

Harry: I'm sorry Eleanor. 

Eleanor: Please do not tell Louis I was raped. Please. 

Perrie: Why?! You have to! 

Eleanor: I don't want anymore trouble for us! 

Harry: C'mon, let's go already. 

Walkers: *walks towards nick and eats him* 

Harry: This is it, they're in there. 

Eleanor: Give me your gun. 

Harry: What? 

Eleanor: Please, I want to end this myself. 

Harry: *slowly hands Eleanor the gun* 

Eleanor: Stay out here, I'll let you know when if I need any help. 

Harry: No, we're all gonna... 

Zayn: Let her Harry. 

Harry: Fine, we'll be right here by the door. 

Eleanor: No! Wait over there for us.  

Harry: *sighs* Fine, we'll be over there. 

Eleanor: Ok.* leaves and barges into the room* 

Lincoln: *turns around* 

Eleanor: *aiming at Lincoln* Drop it! *looks and sees Louis on the ground* 

Lincoln: *laughs* What you're gonna shoot me? Put that down or I'll shoot your friends. 

Eleanor: No! I had enough of you! Put your weapon down! *anger in tears* 

Lincoln: How'd you escape by the way? Nick! Where is he!? 

Eleanor: Dead, now drop your weapon. 

Lincoln: Ok, let's talk this out, on three let's both drop our guns. One, two... 

Eleanor: *lowering her gun to the ground next to Louis* 

Lincoln: Three. *shoots james in the head* 

Kim: *screams in shock* 

Lincoln: *aims at Eleanor* 

Louis: *quickly grabs the gun and shoots Lincoln on the hand* 

Lincoln: You bitch! *tries to grabs his head* 

Louis: *gets up and punches Lincoln* 

Lincoln: *pushes Louis and knees him* 

Louis: *groans* 

Eleanor: *jumps onto lincolns back* 

Lincoln: *flips Eleanor over and throws her onto the ground* 

Eleanor: *groans* 

Kim: *helps Eleanor up* 

Lincoln: *turns around* 

Louis: *shoots Lincoln in the head* 

Lincoln: *falls* 

Louis: *throws the gun and falls to the ground exhausted* 

Eleanor: Louis! *runs and hugs him* 

Kim: *crying* 

Louis: Kim. I'm so sorry. 

Kim: *hurt* 

Harry: *barges in and sees kim and james* Kim? 

Kim: Harry. 

Harry: *gasp* I'm so... *goes and hugs kim* 

Kim: *cries into harrys arms* 

Louis: *picks up the gun* We have to go guys, c'mon. 

Harry: C'mon Kim, let's go. 

Kim: I can't. I can't go; I need to bury my husband the correct way. 

Harry: Then I'll stay and help. 

Kim: No, he is my responsibility and I will bury him myself. You guys go ahead, I'll catch up, I promise. 

Harry: No, we're gonna all stay and help you bury James. 

Kim: *cries and hugs harry* 

Eleanor: *feels bad* I'm sorry, it's all my fault Kim. 

Kim: No, it wasn't. I was gonna happen neither way. 

Eleanor: *cries from feeling bad* 

Kim: *hugs Eleanor* It's ok, I forgive you.

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