Surviving The Dead 2

Surviving The Dead 2; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A little update about the previous series, the group has split and are on their own once again. Kim is separated from her husband James and got stuck with Harry. Louis and Eleanor are with another group that got away with their car. Liam is teamed up with the person he envies, Niall. As of Perrie and Zayn, no one knows just yet. On Surviving The Dead 2, James and Kim had split, he has now joined Lincoln and his crew, there is no denying or you will be killed. Will the group reunite? And will James ever see Kim again. Read on as the story changes and twistes.


4. Episode 4 - Double Rape

Zayn: Are you ok? 

Eleanor: *sitting in silence*  

Zayn: *puts his hand on eleanors knee* Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you, neither is Perrie. We're good friends with the group that got separated. 

Perrie: You can trust us ok. 

Eleanor: *looks at Perrie and then Eleanor* I wish you two could of helped me before. 

Zayn: We wanted to Eleanor! But we were locked in here, if I could have, I would. 

Eleanor: *cries* But you didn't. 

Zayn: And I'm sorry. 

Eleanor: *cries more* 

Perrie: *comforts Eleanor* We're sorry Eleanor. 

Lincoln: Come with me. 

James: Where we going? 

Lincoln: Just come with me. 

James: Ok. *follows Lincoln* 

Nick: *opens the truck* Get out. *looks at Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *scared* No! I will not get out of this truck! 

Nick: *gives Eleanor a mad look* 

Eleanor: Please, why are you doing this to us? What did we do wrong? 

Nick: Lincoln is punishing you guys for leading the walkers into the camp site. 

Eleanor: It wasn't our fault! 

Nick: Now! 

Eleanor: No! 

Nick: *slams the door and locks it* 

Lincoln: They should be here by now. 

James: Who? My wife? 

Lincoln: *chuckles* No, your wife is probably dead by now. 

James: *gets sad* 

Nick: *walks towards Lincoln* 

Lincoln: Where is she? 

Nick: She wouldn't come! 

Lincoln: *gets mad* Sorry James, can you please wait outside for us please. 

James: Ok. *walks outside and waits* 

Lincoln: Let's go! 

Nick: *opens the truck doors again* 

Eleanor: *gets more scared* 

Lincoln: Come here now! 

Eleanor: *crying* No, I wouldn't dare come. 

Lincoln: If you want to survive, you better come. 

Eleanor: *looks at Perrie and zayn* 

Zayn: *whispers* I don't want you to go, but you have to for your own safety. 

Eleanor: *stands up slowly* 

Lincoln: *smiles* That a girl. 

Nick: Got cha! *pulls Eleanor fast* 

Eleanor: *screams* 

Zayn: *runs towards the Eleanor* 

Lincoln: *quickly slams the doors and locks it* Keep screaming and we'll tie you two up again. 

Perrie: Zayn! Zayn! Stop it babe. 

Zayn: We told her we would help her! 

Perrie: You really think we can now?! 

Zayn: *gets upset* 

Perrie: We just have to sit and stay quiet. 

Zayn: *sits down upset* 

Eleanor: Let me go! 

Lincoln: *touches Eleanor inappropriately*  

Eleanor: *crying* 

Lincoln: *ties eleanor's arms behind her* 

Nick: *tapes eleanors mouth* 

Eleanor: *tries to scream* 

Lincoln: You are one hot little bitch you know that. *throws Eleanor onto the ground* 

Eleanor: *trying to get up and run* 

Nick: *picks Eleanor up to the chair* 

Lincoln: *covers Eleanor up with a blanket* 

Nick: What are you doing? 

Lincoln: Go get James. 

Nick: What?  

Lincoln: Call James in! 

Nick: *goes and gets james* 

James: *walks into the room* Who is that? 

Lincoln: Look for yourself. *smiles* 

James: Is that my wife? 

Lincoln: Open it. 

James: *slowly removes the blanket and sees Eleanor/backs up* Eleanor?! 

Lincoln: I want you to undress her. 

James: What? 

Lincoln: Undress her I said! 

James: I can't, that's my friend's girlfriend. Where'd you... 

Lincoln: *aims the gun at james* Do you want to die too? 

Eleanor: *screams/cries* 

Lincoln: Now undress her! 

James: *walks behind Eleanor* I'm sorry. 

Eleanor: *crying* 

James: *slowly undresses Eleanor* 

Lincoln: Good, now bend her over on that table. 

James: What? 

Lincoln: Do it. 

James: *grabs eleanors arms* 

Lincoln: Lean her against that table. 

James: *carries Eleanor and puts her on the table* 

Lincoln: Good, now start rubbing her around. 

James: *looks at Lincoln upset* I have a wife. 

Lincoln: Do it! I said! 

James: *looks at Eleanor* I'm sorry Eleanor. *feels bad* 

Eleanor: *crying and shaking her head* 

James: *touches Eleanor inappropriately* 

Eleanor: *trying her best to push james away* 

James: *gets a little carried away and goes farther* 

Lincoln: *laughs* That's my boy. 

James: *picks up Eleanor and bends her over the table* 

Eleanor: *screams and cries* 

James: *grabs a hold of eleanors hair and grabs her inappropriately*  

Eleanor: *slowly loosens up the tape from her mouth and screams* Please! Stop it James! 

Lincoln: *walks up to Eleanor* You shouldn't have done that. *unzips his pants* 

Eleanor: *turns away* 

Lincoln: Do it! 

Eleanor: No! 

Lincoln: *slaps Eleanor across the face* Do it I said! 

Eleanor: *slowly opens her mouth* 

Lincoln: *grabs eleanors head and pushes her forward* 

James: *viciously pulls Eleanor away and throws her on the ground and gets on top of her* 

Eleanor: *screaming in pain* 

Nick: *feels bad* 

James: *gets off of Eleanor and zips up his pants* 

Lincoln: Move, my turn. *pushes james over* 

Eleanor: *crawls away fast* 

Lincoln: *pulls and drags Eleanor back* 

Eleanor: *screaming* 

Louis: That must be there camp site. 

Harry: *peeks* Isn't that James? 

Kim: *looks* James? *about to scream* 

Lincoln: *covers kims mouth and drags her off* 

Kim: *trying to scream* 

Harry: Let's go, c'mon bae... Babe? *looks around* Where she go? 

Liam: I don't know? I thought she was behind you? 

Harry: What the hell? 

Louis: Maybe she found a way in already, c'mon, let's go in. 

Harry: No, you two go in, what if she comes back and we're not here. 

Louis: Ok, we'll call you if anything. 

Harry: Ok. 

Liam: *walks with Louis* 

Louis: *walks up to the gate* Hey! Hey! 

Liam: Hey! 

James: *looks down* Liam? *sees Louis and feels guilty* Louis? 

Louis: Have you seen Eleanor? She got in a truck and I don't know if she's here or not. 

James: No, I haven't seen her Louis. 

Louis: Can we come in? 

James: *looks at the place and then liam and Louis* Alright, go towards the gate. 

Louis: Ok. 

James: *opens the gate* How'd you find this place? 

Louis: We just followed the tracks, by the way Kim is with us. 

James: Where is she? 

Louis: I don't know, Harry's waiting on her. 

Lincoln: *smacks kim* 

Kim: *falls to the ground*  

Lincoln: I said to take your clothes off! 

Kim: Please, you don't have to do this, my husband is here. 

Lincoln: *unzipping his pants* Seems like your husband is one of us now. *pulls kim up and rips her shirt* 

Kim: *screams* 

Lincoln: *buries kim in the corner and rapes her* 

Nick: Oh, welcome back to guys. *smiles* It's been a while since I last seen you two. 

Liam: Yeah, it has. 

Nick: Right this way, Lincoln would love to see you two. 

Lincoln: *touching kim inappropriately* 

Nick: *knocks on the door* 

Lincoln: *looks at the door and gets off kim* Go! 

Kim: *scared* 

Lincoln: *pushes kim into the other room* Put your clothes on, say another word and you are dead! *slams the door* Come in! 

Nick: *opens the door* Remember these two? 

Lincoln: *zipping his pants up* Hey! *chuckles* It's been a while since I last saw you guys, how we've been? 

Liam: We've been pretty good actually, just trying to find a place to stay.  

Kim: Liam? *bangs on the door* Liam! Liam! 

Liam: Who do you have in there? 

Lincoln: *looks at the door and then liam and louis*

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