Surviving The Dead 2

Surviving The Dead 2; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** A little update about the previous series, the group has split and are on their own once again. Kim is separated from her husband James and got stuck with Harry. Louis and Eleanor are with another group that got away with their car. Liam is teamed up with the person he envies, Niall. As of Perrie and Zayn, no one knows just yet. On Surviving The Dead 2, James and Kim had split, he has now joined Lincoln and his crew, there is no denying or you will be killed. Will the group reunite? And will James ever see Kim again. Read on as the story changes and twistes.


3. Episode 3 - Abducted

Nick: Straight line everyone! *looks at everyone* On the line! When I say 3, shoot! One... Three! 

(Everyone shooting) 

James: Why are some of us in training when most of us know how to shoot already? 

Nick: Are you in charge?! 

James: No, but I was just... 

Lincoln: I want a stronger army. *looks at james* To kill and to capture. *walks off* C'mon! You can do better than that Nate! 

James: *cont. shooting* 

Liam: *stops walking* 

Harry: What? 

Liam: *drops his gun* Look, I'm really sorry I attacked you back there. 

Harry: No, it's ok, I probably deserved it. 

Liam: I wasn't thinking right and being alone with him for 30 days kind of threw me off and... 

Harry: It's ok, you're with us now, we're gonna protect and guard you. 

Liam: Thanks man. 

Harry: Plus, I was looking for you at the camp too, where'd you go? 

Kim: Does that matter now? We found him babe! 

Liam: Babe? Aren't you married to... where's James? 

Kim: I don't know, but I've moved on, I'm not gonna go back and look for someone who's probably dead by now. 

Harry: *smiles* That's my girl. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Liam: So you two just decided to hook up? 

Harry: No, we had a talk first. *puts his arms around kim and walks off first* 

Liam: *sighs and follow them* 

James: What's in this truck? How come it's never opened? 

Nick: You're not allowed to be around here. 

James: Why? 

Nick: Lincoln's rule, don't break it if you don't want to die. 

James: *backs up a bit* Ok, sorry to ask. 

Nick: *looks at james with a suspicious look* 

Lincoln: Let's go, James! You're on guard and watch. *gets in the car* 

Nick: *gets in the car* 

Louis: *looking for Eleanor* Babe! Babe! *looking around* 

Lincoln: Hello sweet cheeks. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Lincoln? *smiles* Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're here. 

Lincoln: *smiles* Yeah me too. 

Eleanor: Half your group is here, we've been trying to... 

Nick: *walks up next to Lincoln* 

Eleanor: Oh? Hello Nick. *smiles scared* 

Lincoln: *looks at nick* 

Nick: Come with us, we need your help. 

Eleanor: Hold on, let me go and tell my... 

Nick: *quickly grabs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *screams* 

Louis: Eleanor! *runs towards the scream* 

Nick: *beats up Eleanor and throws her in the back seat* 

Lincoln: *hops in the back with Eleanor* 

Nick: *gets in the front and drives off* 

Louis: *sees the car driving off* Eleanor! *runs after the car* 

Lincoln: *rips eleanor's clothes off and rapes her* 

Eleanor: *screaming for help/crying* 

Lincoln: *smacks Eleanor across the face* 

Eleanor: *moans in pain* 

Lincoln: *gets off Eleanor* Pull over. 

Nick: What? 

Lincoln: Pull over!  

Nick: *pulls over* 

Lincoln: *gets out the car* 

Eleanor: *grabs her clothes crying/scared* 

Lincoln: Get in the back. 

Nick: What? 

Lincoln: Get in the back! *pulls nick out the car* 

Nick: *gets into the back* 

Lincoln: *sits in the drivers seat* Finish her. 

Nick: Kill her? 

Eleanor: Please! No! Don't kill me. 

Lincoln: Make her pay! 

Nick: *pulls Eleanor by her legs and rapes her* 

Eleanor: *cries in pain* 

Liam: Let's rest here tonight. 

Harry: *looks at liam* Ok, let's rest here then. *sits down* 

Kim: *sits and rests her head on harry* 

Liam: *looks at harry and kim* I'm not on watch duty, I need some rest. 

Harry: Yeah, go for it, I'll keep an eye out for us. 

Liam: *closes his eyes* 

Lincoln: *pulls up the car* 

Nick: *sitting next to Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *sitting in the back scared* 

Lincoln: Get out! 

Eleanor: *scare to move* 

Nick: *gets out the car and walks to the back of the truck* 

Lincoln: Out! 

Eleanor: No! *cries* 

Lincoln: *grab Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *screams* 

Lincoln: *covers eleanors mouth and viciously touches her inappropriately* 

Eleanor: *crying/screaming* 

Lincoln: Grab her clothes! 

Nick: *grabs eleanors clothes* 

Lincoln: *looks at Eleanor and laughs* 

Eleanor: *looks away from Lincoln crying* 

Lincoln: Put your clothes on. 

Eleanor: *puts her clothes on* 

Lincoln: Open the doors. 

Nick: *opens the door* 

Eleanor: *sees zayn and Perrie* 

Perrie: *gasp* 

Zayn: *shocked* 

Lincoln: *kisses Eleanor and throws her into the back of the truck. 

Eleanor: *crying* 

Nick: *closes the doors and locks it* 

Perrie: Are you ok Eleanor!? *hugs and comfort Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *crying* 

Zayn: They didn't hurt you did they? 

Perrie: Zayn!  

Zayn: I need to know, did they hurt you? What did they do to you? 

Eleanor: *crying and looks away from zayn* 

Zayn: Did they touch you?  

Eleanor: *closes her eyes* 

Zayn: *tries not to cry* Rape you? 

Eleanor: *cries more* 

Zayn: *pulls and hugs Eleanor* I'm so sorry Eleanor, I really am, if I knew it was you, I would of tried my best to escape and help you. 

Eleanor: *hugs zayn crying* 

Louis: *running* 

Harry: Do you hear that? 

Kim: What? 

Harry: Liam, Liam. 

Liam: *wakes up* 

Harry: You hear that? 

Louis: *running nearby* 

Harry: *clicks his gun and aims* 

Louis: *stops* Whoa! Don't shoot! 

Harry: Louis? 

Louis: Harry?! *looks and sees liam and kim* Where's everyone else? 

Harry: I don't know, where's Eleanor? Why are you running? 

Louis: Eleanor got abducted, did you guys see a truck come by? 

Harry: No, why? 

Louis: It had to, it's only one way, c'mon, we need to help her! *runs off first* 

Harry: C'mon, let's go. *runs* 

Kim: *gets up and runs* 

Liam: *runs after them*

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