Funny stories

It's just some silly stories, that I wrote for fun.


2. 2.

Once upon a time, there were five monkeys in a jungle. There was Ben and Karen and three dead monkeys. One day a hunter came and killed Ben and Karen, but Karen survived. She changed her name to Willy and moved to a town, where she worked as a teacher on a school.

Meanwhile Ben respawned and changed his name to Niels. He moved the same town and worked at the same school as a math teacher.

The three other monkeys, that were dead, respawned and they changed names to, Grete, Tim and Malle.

Grete became an English teacher, Tim, a german teacher and Malle a Danish teacher.

They all worked at the school, and they all had the same class.

But suddenly one day Willy was almost killed.

She has had an overdose of coffee, and the same happened to Niels.

The other teachers decided to call Miley Cyrus, and she came to the school. She twerked for the students. After that, they called Effie Trinket, and they made The Hunger Games with students. The winners got put in a big Hunger Games arena together, because Capitol had a quarter quell.

Caesar Flickrman was interviewing the winner of the Hunger Games, but suddenly the winner died. Then Caeser jumped up and shouted “I win!” and then he interviewed himself. After that came Finnick Odair and all the people from Capitol died of ugliness. But then Karen realized her actual name was Muammer Gadaffi. But then Karl realized she was President Snow or other words a Mother Fucking Gangster.

President Snow made a movie about him and Katniss, who was killed under the first My Little Pony episode.

Bobby came and she was a unicorn with pink hair and a mustache. There were a lot of rainbows. All of the people got confused, so they called the overpeacekeeper Jelly. She killed a few hundreds of people and they calmed down. Then Catus came and attacked Jelly with kisses. Then President Snow called Jelly and said that he was taking over the whole universe. Then he hang up, and suddenly the news guy came and interviewed Bobby. The interviewer was Caeser. Bobby gave him her autograph and then she flew away on rainbows. That night a boy read a chainmail on Facebook, and he stopped reading. Then he died. Another person read the chainmail, but didn’t post it on other things. The person died too, and his family called the priest Miley Cyrus. But Miley Cyrus couldn’t come, so instead they called Michael Jackson. Over at the school, there were a lot of panic, since Kaj was there and she was melting people into gummibears. They got sold in a city in Kringlen.

After all of that, they decided to have a pause and they all played SmashHit except Kaj because President Snow had her phone.

Jelly freaked out, because she didn’t have any more balls. She made it to checkpoint nr 2.

There was silence, except the sound of glass breaking. Bobby came and everyone was stunned by the beautiful rainbows. Then she said “Fedt for dig” and walked away. A man started crying, because he loved looking at Bobbys rainbows. The man killed himself. President Snow ruled the world and he was a VERY good dictator. He got around 8931 billion people killed, but they smelled so it was ok. Olga was laying on the ground, and she cried because the other Bobby threw her off. It was Jellys birthday, so everyone got hit 382470 times. Olga was offering Bobby, the unicorn, to ride on her back, but Bobby said no. Olga was crying, but Bobby said “Fedt for dig” and after that “Shut up.” President Snow, Bobby and Jelly made a movie about Bobby saying “shut up” and two people who were afraid of the person saying “shut up”

The end.

written by a friend: Andrea AKA Kaj

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