Funny stories

It's just some silly stories, that I wrote for fun.


1. 1.

Once upon a time, a little girl was born. Her name was Karl. But she changed her name to Motherfucking Gangster. When the Motherfucking Gangster grown up, she meet a girl named Bobby. Bobby was a unicorn with pink hair and a mustache. Mothefucking Gangster was in love with Bobby, but Bobby loved another girl, named Helga. Helga and Bobby were in love together. Then the Motherfucking Gangster got angry, and she changed to a very cool dictator named President Snow. Bobby and Helga ran on rainbows and sang an awesome song, called Brick song. But then President Snow shot the rainbow down, and Bobby and Helga fall down on two people, who were Jelly and Kaj. Then Effie Trinket came and saw, that President Snow has shot the beautiful unicorn, Bobby, down, and Effie ran up to President Snow, who sand at a grey platform, and screamed “that is mahogany!” Kaj and Jelly came up to them and screamed “Aprils Nar!” but it wasn’t the 1st April. It was the 2nd April. But Bobby said “I’m not mahogany!” And then she cried very high, but Helga smiled and said: “negerbarn! Lille negerbarn!” Then they all felt in sleep. But Jelly waked up, and heard a munch sound over from the corner, and saw that all the chips was gone. Then she said “Where are all the chips?” And then an awkward silence came. “Awkward!” Bobby said and sang the awesome brick song. Then Minna came out from the corner, and she maked the Minna-face! And you could just see, that she said “it wasn’t me, who eat all the chips… at least not the whole…” But rest of the night, you could just hear munch sounds. And the next morning, there was crumbs everywhere. And anyone was like, “Mina! Why are there crumbs everywhere?!” “…It wasn’t me…” she whispered. And then she makes the Minna-face again. “And where is the bacon, whe should have made?!” And Minna sat over in corner, and there was still munch sounds. But then Kaj said “It wasn’t fried…” But Minna loved raw bacon with butter on. And gummibears with sprinkles for dessert.

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