Todd Fowler is a teenager without a voice living in the breezy little seaside town of Flagstaff. When Millie Higgins, a city girl with a dark past, meets him unexpectedly, both of them take a journey that challenges what they know of life...


8. Dedication

I dedicate this story to a friend of mine from 2013, who taught me that silence is golden and spoken words aren't all that count in a friendship. It's the eyes, the windows to the soul, the small gestures and the small, knowing silences that develop in a conversation that can sometimes say the most.




Thanks go out to the following people:

Firstly, miss_aca as always - brilliant writer herself, if a little.. irregular with her updates...she's most of the reason that I get anything done on this website. She's an excellent influence on me. Do yourself a favour and look her up - "A Tattoo Life" is absolutely freaking amazing and you will not regret it. 

Secondly, the_sequin_carrot, who got me onto Wattpad in the first place, put me into contact with hundreds if not thousands of writers like myself... if you haven't checked her profile out yet and you're an Ed Sheeran fan, get moving and look up her story "Angels Will Fly" - EXCELLENT stuff.

Thirdly, to whoever it is that ends up reading this. Chances are this'll end up floating around Wattpad for ten years or something without an awful lot of people actually READING it, but I just want you guys to know that you're appreciated and every single one of you is absolutely awesome. God Bless y'all.



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