Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


27. white

Liams Pov:

"You are lying!" he shouted right into my face. But i was okay with that. He hasn't spoken since that one night. I was happy to hear his voice- even in this tone.

"I saw her.She's alive." I wasn't sure if i should tell louis about this guy. I mean i wasn't sure myslf what his role was in this whole mysterium. 

"Why isn't she here then? Here with you? How did she never called, never tried to reach me or you or anyone of us?"

i couldn't say it. He would be jealous or atleast he would be angry and destroy something.


"OKAY. There was sombody with her.. He took her with him before i could ask anything." i could tell his whole body tensed up.

"Who?" he asked calm. but i knew he wasn't calm at all.

"I realy don't know. He was about her age maybe a little older. He just came and took her with him in his car."

"What car?"

"A big one. I can't remember i was so flashed...a pick up." louis jumped out of the bed. 

"i've got enough of this shit!" he grabbed his clothes and ran out.


We sat in the car as Louis phone rang. 

"Who's that?" 

"No idea." he answered and answered the call.










"Yes i will."


"i will be there" 


"okay. Thank You."

he turned to me. 

"i'll get her back."



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