Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


4. Water

we were walking at the beach to see how big this island was. we probably were walking two hours already so i guess it was very big.

"we need to find water." i said because i was thirsty i haven't drank something for about 2 days.

"i think i know where w will find some..." Louis said, gently took my hand and lead me into the wood. after about half an hour we were deep in the rainforest.

"as you were asleep i already was here."

"You knew where to get water and haven't brought me here until yet?" i was a little upset. He know that people need water to survive and he just forgets to show me where to find water?

"oh sorry i forgot to show you. i don't needed water until yet too."

"You aren't thirsty at all? After about 3 days here?" he shook his head.

"That's not normal isn't it? Maybe i am a mutant! in future i maybe don't need anything!" He laughed but hardly find it funny. 

"i am more worried about you than amused. i mean normal humans need to drink water but maybe you just don't recognize that you are thirsty. I would say you will feel it when you drink something.?" he nodded and went to the shore of the little creek. he cuped some water with his hands and began to drink it.

"I still don't feel anything but atleast now i have some water in my body. now it's your turn!" i kneeled down on the wet moss and cupped water like louis did. it tasted suprisiling clean.

"It tastes good." i said and drank more water. i felt how it filled my body with water again. a great feeling.

"I wonder why-" i turned around and louis was gone. i was alone.

"Louis?" no response.

"LOUIS?" nothing.

"Where are you?" i started walking back where we came from. i guessed it was the right direction. Now it happened. my biggest nightmare became reality. I was alone on an island with no one around to help me or just be my company. Louis was gone. i wondered where he was. I just turned-


i immediantly began to run. i forgot that i was in the middle of a forest. i wont turn around to see what that was. i ran as fast as i could. suddelny a mean rope appeared right there wher my foot was. it looped around my foot and caused me to fall hard on the ground.

"Oh my god are you okay?" i heard a voice asked and i felt how someone helped me up on my feet again. i turned around to see louis again.

"Where were you?" i started to whine. i realy was near by crying but i kept myself together.

"I am so sorry i just saw something i thought it was a guy but i think it was imagination. i thought you would wait there. I am SO sorry!" a tear escaped my eyes.

"hey darling don't cry. it's okay i am here." he took my face between his hands and wiped the tear with his thumb away.

"I-I am afraid of being alone-" he pulled me into a thight hug.

"Shhshh. You're not alone. I am here with you and i promise not to leave you. Everything will be okay." he rubbed one hand over my bag and it realy helped. i felt a little more safe.


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