Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


9. Time

i looked down and saw a bandage wrapped around my ankle. but... i mean why?

"oh-okay....B-but... i mean...why?" he walked close to me and gently took my hands.

"Because i wanted to rescue you." wow now i'm just more confused than before...

he turned me around and lead me to a chair and placed it so i could sit. i sat down and waited. as he sat down he poured some juice in the glass in front of me and smilied.

"Dig in. You must be hungry." i nodded shy and grabbed a far bun and ate it with peanut butter and currant jam.

"OH MY GOD." i mumbled and moaned. Harry fliched and looked worried at me.

"What's wrong, love?" i frowned a little..."Love" he only know me for about...how long??

"Everything is fine it's just so delicious! And uhm... For how long am i here already?"

"Yes i know. I hoped you'd like it. You need t try the chocolate cream too."

"How long am i here already?" he hasn't answered my question.

"just a few hours." he lied.

"As i fell it was afternoon and now we are having breakfast?"

he got nevrvous.

"Okay...You were here two nights...You were asleep and so i could easily take care of your ankle." he gulped. I understood why he was nervous. He kept me two days in his house without even asking me and now i am finaly awake and he don't want me to leave. i knew it, I FELT it.

"Why-...uhmm i mean: Are  we still on the island?" he shook his head.

"Where are we?"

"Somewhere near the island."

"What island?"

"Hawaii, darling. what else?"

"Are here more people on this island?" i said continuing to eat my bun.


"Why not?" he seemed amused.

"I owned it. And the only ones who came here are my friends or my personal for helping me to keep everything clean... And You." my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

"You OWNED an island?! Whoa are you rich or what?" he snorted in some way but then a real laugh found it's way out.

"Yeah. You could say it like that." he smiled at me and i saw his eyes shine and his smile grew to show me his dimples. he's cute...


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