Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


23. The Dinner

As i got out of the shock i realized i had to go upstairs. I would eat those wonderful meals I always wanted to taste. Normaly we get good Food too but this was something different. Very different. I guess it was like Christmas eve or a birthday, no more like the birthday dinner for the queen. Yeah more like this.
I walked up the stairs passing at least ten People with enormous flower boquets throut the house. some greeted me and some totaly ignored me. I was just another employee in here. I reached my room and entered it silently. i walked towards my little wardrobe but my eyes catched something different. On my bed. There was a complete costume. A light blue summerdress, ending at the knees, matching heels, also a necklace with a small Pearl on it. the best of all were the pair of White satin gloves. the whole Outfit was Kind of 30's but it was so classic and elegant. i put my hair up and fixed it with a thousands of barrets.

As i was finished i didn't recognize myself in the mirror. I wanted to Show the Dress to Martha so i hurried down in the kitchen. Again passing the flower Boys but this time all greeted me with "good day, miss" or bowed a Little. 

"You should ask her out!" i heard Martha talking over the sounds of tins and Bowling water as i was about to enter but i freezed a second just to know what they were talking about.

"I know... But i mean... Do you think the Lord would allow this and anyway it's all enough complicated and-"

"If you won't ask her out i will do it for you!"

"NO! i heard something fall down with a metalic Sound. i entered seeing luke kneeling down on the floor collecting some vegtebles back into the pot he had dropped. 

"Luke! You will treat my vegtebles- OH! You look beautiful, Darling! Like a real Lady!" Martha said turning to me and looked at me up and down. Now Luke finaly  looked up. Stunned.

"Hey." i said.

"Hello, Madam." he said and made a bow deeper as the flower Boys did.

"I'm pleased to make your acquaintance"

"The pleasure is all mine." he said and took my Hand and kissed it.

Martha giggled happily and clapped her Hands.

"What a great couple!" she cheered." Luke scratched his nack and blushed a Little. but i did too.

"i guess-"  Martha looked at the old clock.

"You Need o hurry! hurry up and go to the Lord! The dinner beginns in three minutes!" she called and pushed me out of the kitchen. One last gance showed me the smiling luke.


 The lord sat in the old library and read an old book. I couldn't figure out it's title.

"Come in, Ruth." i stepped closer to his old armchair.

"You look perfect, Darling. and i have to admit that it was Kind of purpose."


"Today are coming a few friends of mine. also some younger one  who are in your Age."

i was confused is he trying to-

"I realy like you. You are like a daughter to me and i want you to have a good life. better than doing the same everyday, not cleaning my house. I hoped ou maybe get to know some People and make new friends."

" Thank You. But i realy like i here. Martha is very nice and i realy appreciate it, that i can work here. It's maybe better than my old life." he smiled warm.

"Let make a deal. You join me and my friends this evening and we won't channe anything until you would like to. And if you want to Change something you'll come to me and say that. I'll do my best to help you, okay?"



I sat at the table surrounded by men. Some in the Age of the Sir and also some younger ones. the two were about 24 and seemed wealthy. they sat beside me. Mark on my left and Peter on my right. They were very polite and asked me things about everything Smalltalk includes. But everytime they drifted from me to their golf Location or their Money. I couldn't stand this. i concentrate on my plate and Martha did a great Job. it was the most deishious meal i've ever tried.

"You don't look like you like eating very much, huh?" Mark asked.

"Pardon?" How could he? Is he saying like i look ill? or too thin?

"You just ate two bites of this meal now while everybody else already ate his half plate."

"I am enjoing it." i finished this sensless conversation.

"Okay...i was just saying. I mean you..." Then the last few guests entered the room. I hoped it would be more interesting People but it were just two other men. The first on was old and i did'nt even wanted to know how the next forgetful grandad Looks like. So i lowered my gaze back down on my plate. Mark was still talking to me but i wasn't listening just saying "Interesting" and "oh, realy" sometimes and he kept talking. i sometimes looked up to the Sir who just smiled at me and kept talking to his older friend ho had a coriander leaf in his whie beard.

"Excuse me, Mark" i said, stood up and left the room. I was tiered but i don't wanted to go to bed so i decided to go into the library. I searched for old literature and found a Little old book. a Drama. "Romeo and Juliett" i decided to read it. First i wanted to take a seat in the old leather armchair the sir was sitting in before but then i saw another one. it was light green fabrick. also an armchair but more ladylike. I sa down and started reading. The time passed and as the sun went down i put on a lamplight which was spending comfy yellow light. After maybe an hour reading a Person passed my row of bookshelves. not noticing me. But i did. i heard how he went up and down the rows. Finaly he stopped.i guess searching a book. then he was Walking back but this time he stopped. and i recognized him. so did he.

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