Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


11. Strangers

Louis Pov.

I was awake for about too long. i searched over the whole island now and still haven't found anything. i was thirsty but i couldn't rest and care for myself whole rose was gone. i belive that she's still alive but i don't was at her side. It rankeld me not to keep my promise. all the green plants seemed just to have built up theirselves to block the way for me. every new stap seemed to be darker and more difficult to pass by. The ground was coverd with ropes trying to make me fall. i just passed one just to get caught b another one making me fall. i right fell on my face. i wanted to push myself up and saw a dark haired guy. he was a little taler than me and he had hazl eyes which watched me closly. he wore a loose top and brown shorts with thousands of pockets.

"What are you doing here?" his voice was deep and clear and he sounded british like me too.

"I am searching for a girl."

"Well on this island you wont find one. i am usualy the only person who is here." he smirked,"but i would like it to be in future like that too." he said.

"I mean she's a friend of mine and we were stranded here. but i heard her calling a few days ago adn since then i haven'T seen her again."

"Oh i'm sorry. i thought you were just one of theese idiots of tourists." he said and put his arm around my shoulder and started walking.

"How long are you already on here?"

"I think about...3 weeks?" he seemed ssuprised...and looked up and down at me.

"You are a good suriver. but come with me i think i know where your girl might could be..."



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