Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


17. Shots

A shot. I jumped of my bed and hid myself behind it.  i heard sobbing but i couldn't make a sound i tried to reach the mobile i got from niall and searched for a familiar name. there i found Zayn. i called him.

"Hey Niall everything okay? i heard a shot"

"Zayn it's me rose. I think the shot was shooten in our house. Please help i'm too scared and wont move. Somebody got hurt."

"I'm on my way." i heard how he began to run and started the carengine.

"Don't hang up. so i know that your still there and ok. did you hear anything else?" right as i was about to say no somebody stepped in my room. and it wasn't the one who got hurt therefor he walked to straight. i just saw the feet because i was laying under the bed. i put my hand over the mobile so it wont shine and wont make any sound. i hung up because zayn wouldn't stop speaking.

"Rose? Are you here? Are you ok? i heard a gunshot over here!" it was Niall.

i crawled out of my hiding place and let me fall in his arms. He hold me thigh and pressed his nose to my neck.

"I'm happy you're alive."  why shouldn't i be?

"Wh-" he cut me off.

"Everything is okay, Rose, just come with me." 

"where is Louis?"

"He's fine."

"ROSE??" It was Zayn. Somebody who acted normal. I rushed out of the house towards him and hugged him tight.

"Oh Jeez. Everything okay?"

"You're the only one wwho act's normal."

"Who's in there?"he took a step back and looked at the door.

"Ni-" a shot flew past my ear and in Zayn's shoulder. He screamed in pain and fell down on his knees. I turned around to see Niall again.

"Why?" i shouted.

"It's not good for you here. You need to leave. this is not a good surrounding for a girl like you."

"What the hell are you talking about.?!"  i walked towards him because it was to dark to see any expression in his face. This couldn't be Niall. Why wold hedo that and say those weird things?

He hid his face in the shadow all the time and tryied to keep it but he had not expected this. so i sw that his face was full of tears.

"What is going on Niall?" i whispered.

"I can't please leave. If you'll stay we'll all get hurt." i was confused how did he mean this.

"Don't pull the trigger again. just stay here."i slowly let my hands wander down to his hand with the weapon in. I tried to slowly pull it out.

"NO!" he shouted. and held up the weapon again straight to my head.

"Niall everything is okay. Noboy get's hurt by anyone else. It's you." he got confused by my word and tried to think about it. I didn't even knew what i realy said. I just got closer and hugged him. He was paralyzed but i didn't dare to move back and look him in the eyes. i felt his body slowly soften as i saw Louis room over his shoulder, and Louis.

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