Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


28. Reunite?

Harry's Pov:

He was fond of the idea to let her be with me. But though he wanted to see Louis. Not just him and louis but her. She should be with him too.. Why?

Why does he let him come here? What if he tries to steal her again from me? My beautiful fragile Rose....

"See you then." leonardo ended the call. He realy called Louis. He gave him this address. He told him to come her and get Rose. He just said he would give this idiot the opportunity to decide about her future. He can afford nothing. He can give her nothing. I got more upset the more i thought about it. 

"I thought you would like her to have a good life!" i shouted at him. 

"You still haven't learned what a good life is? Don' you?" he puffed out as if i said something stupid.


"Harrold, my son, i know you haven't had it easy but a good life doesn't mean just to have a lot of money. Look at me." his eyes were so deep and so truthfull. They seemed to have lost this glimmering shine which once was living there. 

"a Good life doesn't describe a life full of money nor wealth. It describes a life with everything you need and the wisdom or maybe just the humility to knw what one realy need. It's not the money. Dollars aren't the currency in which happiness is counted. Happiness is created by one of the most basic feelings. This feeling, my beloved little Harry is love. Nobody can ever force love with money nor anything else." he turned around looking out the great window showing the sea sweeping in the rhythm of peace and harmony. Without any sorrows or doubts.

"I had Happiness. I was truely deeply happy. But destiny was testing me once and i failed unforgivable. No excuse in the world could make this good again." he turned around looking at me sadly an hugged me thight.

"I Am Sorry. For everything i missed to do and i know i can't make them good. But i want to say how unbelivable sorry i am for all my mistakes and all the time when you needed your father who was just too selfish to realize that others needed love too. When you needed a helping hand, a loving word, a cheering dad, a warm hug and a comforting father. I am so sorry Harry."  

He stunned me. He suprised me. He expressed everything i ever thought about him. maybe leaving out all the curses but he sumed it up.. I couldn't help but hug him back. Some tears rolled down my cheeks leaving some darker dots on my fathers jacket. when we released each other i noticed some tears in his eyes too.

"But i need her." i pleaded. 

"Maybe you should listen to some wise old men my son. Sometimes old people know answers too." he smiled and hinted to his collection of vinyls. The beatles section. 

"But i do love her!" i stated more stubborn and childish then wanted.

"Maybe you should ask what she wants." a woman said. Leonardo smiled at Martha who was standing in the door of my fathers office.


**** hey *:) sorry for beeing away for so long...


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