Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


3. Rescue in a different way

as i opened my eyes i saw blue sky, some palms and i heard the sound of breaking waves. it was like in those books about people who make holidays in florida or california. but soon i realzed that my plane had never arrived there where i wanted to go. i originally wanted to go to hawaii for about half a year because i had a bad break down at home. everything had pusshed me down insted of further. everyone wanted me to be more succesful and better then everyone else. but i wasn't the succesful one. i was the one who wanted to relax and draw some things. i wante to became a paniter or an actress. i wanted to do something creative but this never fit to the plans of my parents i should have got an well paid job and make the big money. but instead i just closed the whole world out. i spend more time in my own and caused by that i was all alone in th end. i wanted to die. i didn't realy know how i realy tried to suicide but i did and found myself in a psychiatry the doctors soon realised that i wasn't stupid at all they knew i just needed to get away. they told my parents i needed a break of everything and sat me in a plane flying to hawaii. don't ask me who paid that but i was happy to get away from everything. well now i am awy from everything. but too much everything for my taste.


"You're finaly awake!" i heard a high pitched voice call. i guess his voice broke because of the excitment. I sat up and saw a familiar brown haired guy. he wore a white shirt with blue stripes and sleved up jeans. 

"uh..yeah.." i realy didn't know what to say. what hould i say to a completly strange handsome guy who's th only one with me on this island? i mean there's sooo much to say but how should i start?

"uhm.. you were asleep for two days now... and i am pretty happy that you woke up...i-it was...weird being all alone. well uhm... i'm louis." i guess he didn't realy know what to say either.

"i am Rose"

*** hey it's me i hope you like it until yet. uhm i guess the chapters will stay a little shorter than in my other story...well yeah i hope you don't mind if you want them to be longer comment  :)


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