Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


14. Reactions

*** Some brutal scenes are following...***


Louis Pov.

Zayn and this guy yelled at each other what was good for me so this pumped up guy stopped pushing me away. i knew this is Rose i saw it at her hair and her light brown skin. It needed to be her. I started sprintig towards her up the stairs when i heard shouting.

"ZAYN! Get that son of a bitch away from my girl!" i reached her and gelty took her hand.

"I am so sorry. I searched two days and haven't found you and then i met Zayn who's the owner of the island and he brought me to the main island of hawaii and then we came here as fast as we can and now i am here to-" she just smiled and put her indexfinger on my lips.

"Everything is okay." she hugged me and gave me a kiss on my sheek. Her soft lips on my skin made me shiver and something rushed trough my body. and then i let my lips meet hers. it was an undiscribable feeleing. it made me shiver all over my body and the moment she kissed back was most best. As soon as she did a fucking bastard pulled me away. As soon as i realised Harry i wanted to speak but insted of a sentence leave my mouth a fist met my face. it hurted unbelivable. i also think i heard something crack. i heard someone gasp and some others shout. I wanted to hit bck but suddenly another fist bunched against my temple. my knees gave in and i fell down on the ground. I wanted to stand up but i was lifted up by someone. I felt like a little baby and i don't wanted to. my head felt like mush and as a touched it with my hand it was wet. i knew it was blood. Plus that my head hurted so much i couldn't ses, i blacked out.


Zayns Pov.

"Styles!? What the FUCK?" i shouted as i saw how he punched Louis to unconsciounes. The girl Rose was crying and in complete shock. Niall, Liam and me ran towards them. Liam lifted Louis up, niall got Rose to the boat and i was shouting at that piece of shit.

"WHAT THE HELL?! WHY did you do that?" i shouted. and pushed him back.

"I told you to keep him away from my girl. And now he got what everyone get's when the touch my girl!"


"SHE'S MINE!!" i shook my head. he still hasn't changed at all.

"Did she told you that? Or did you ask??" his jaw tensed.

"NO! And if you would have looked at her you would have see that she don't was against his kiss she fucking answered it!" he shook his head.

"NO she havn't and she LOVE ME! I rescued her from that son of a bitch!"

"WHAT'S WRONG with YOU?! She don't she is afraid of you!"

"She is not! And until you and those bastards arrived here everything was perfect!" i understood what he wanted to do.

"You could never just keep her on this island for yourself! She has a family and friends. A LIFE!" i yelled right into his face turned around and right as i ran towards the boat the engine started so i could jump on and we drove away leaving Harry at his beach. i saw his facial expresion changing.


"IF YOU COME AFTER US I WILL!" i shouted back.


***hey there :D it's me! Well uhm i guess i will rate this story to Y ( yellow ) hope you don't mind... Thank's for reading though!! Love you!!

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