Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


21. Preparations

Rose's Pov

Days seemed to fly away and the life here realy wasn't bad. It wasn't like home. But this was more positive to me. I know weird but it's true. I got also some better looking clothes. They looked expensiv and tidy. The sir treated me good. Sometimes i had the feeling that he saw me like his daughter.

after about 2 weeks i sat at the table with martha and we ate a pumpkin soup, which was very delishious by the way. Martha is was an excellent cook. It knocked at the door and Luke came in. Luke was the third who worked around here. He was kind of kindish but it was funny. 

"Good evening, my ladies. Am i allowed to sit down and eat a plate of soup with you beautiful women?" martha and me started laughing and allowed him to. 

We spend the evening talking about the following days and about the trip into the town to buy new things. Right as it was about who woud go with martha, the Sir came in.

"Excuse i just wanted to put in knowledge that i need Martha tomorow here. That means that you two will go buy in everything needed. Martha please make a list what you need for one complete menu for about 10 people. You are allowed to completly choose everything and whatever you need to make a fabulous meal is allowed to buy." it was a little scary how silent it was when he was talking. It was like even the drains would stop working just for listening him.

"I will do my best, mr."

"You're a saint, Martha. I would be incapable without you!" She blushed in the cutest way a women could blush and thanked him but tol him that there are much greater cooks out there.

"I realy doubt this, Miss. Good evening all togheter." He made a smal bow and left.

"He's in a great mood today." i said.

"Since a few weeks he is in a good mood." Luke added.

"Enough of this. Be happy in silece and help me to search for a good menu." Martha orderd and the rest of the evening we discussed what meal would mtch with wich wine and so on. I went tired but happy to bed and fell immediantly into a deep sleep.


I jumped in the pick up beside luke who started the car.

"Are you excited?"

"Why should i?" i answered.

"Isn't this the first time back in town again?"

"well yes... But-"

"You havn't thought about it yet?" i nodded.

"Where will we go first?"

"We'll drive to the market to get the fruits and vegetables. And then to the wine shop and at last to the butcher." he stopped at a traffic light and looked at me.

"Maybe we can make a break after the wine shop and buy some ice cream if you want."

"Sounds great but-"

"I will buy an ice cream for you and you can't say no!" he laughed at me and drove on.


*** I AM SO SORRY!! I was very busy. Like very very busy and had lots of stuff to handel on my own. BUT now i'm back! i won't make promises but i'll try to update every week. I Try...

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