Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


19. Owner

i woke up in a dark room. i felt very sick like everything moved. everything was black and i couldn't keep my eyes open. i was soo tired. i saw a door opened the fresh air smelled like sea. i was laing on the cold metalic floor. i saw two leather boots. They were old they remebered me on army boots. they weren't exactly the same but similar.

Shouting interupped the silence interrupted the silence. i knew this voice but i couldn't concentrate who's voice that was.

Someone answered and the familiar voice went off. Someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up.

"Cute little girl. I'm sorry but daddy needs his money. So be quiet and I'll see what i can do for you. I think we'll find a lot of interested custumer." i couldn't answer.

"Hey! Are you awake?" i was thirsty and I felt ill all over. i was cold and i shivered hard.

"You- Shit. We need to sell you fast."  He let off me and let me scootch down to the ground again. This time he laid something warm over me. The door closed. And all light went off again so i did.


"She's worth much more. She is good looking and young. at least 10."

"I don't wanted this. and she's in not a good condiion. i'll give you 5."

"Okay, okay. Take her!" They selled me to someone. Their custumer seemed not to care about me.

"Please take care of her so she won't dye."

"I will and now shut up. I never want to see you again, except i called you." I heard their boat drive off and the one i was on seemed to do the same.


I woke up. It Looked completly strange to me. I lay on a small bed in an even smaller room. I had different clothes on. They were plain. A white shirt and sweat pants. I stood up. Everything was clear again. I let my mind repeat everything again. I got robbed, got ill and then they selled me to a stranger.  I stepped out. Quietly.

"So you're awake." I turned around to see a man. He was old. Not like granpa old more like my father. I guess about fifty. He was goodlooking. he had blonde short hair and blue green eyes. he smiled at me.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Leonardo. But just call me mister or sir or anything like that. It wont hapen anything to you. But i paid for you so i want you to some things for me. But first what's your name, darling?" he spoke very cultivated and so he looked. He had a dinner jacked and matching trousers. His shoes were polished so the black leather shined.

"My name is Rose. What do i need to do?" ***wow...this ironie with the names wasn't wanted xD ->Leonardo like Leonardo Dicaprio***

"You just have to keep my house clean. In other words you are the house maid until i- Well for the next time." I was happy. I mean not that i like to clean others houses. I'm just happy that it isn't anything worse.

"Come with me. I'll show you the house." he started wlking down the corridor and started talking about everything.


They day went by better than expected. I'm not the only employee in this house there is also another older women and a younger guy who was a little older than me. Marth told me he was  about 21.

In the next weeks Martha will show me everything and tell me how to deal with everything. I am not allowed to go out on my own just with the sir or with Martha. My room was small but the bed was comfortable and i couldn't complain. I got food and everything i need. It could have gone much worser.


***Yeah hey guys if you don't got it: Leonardo, the owner looks like leonardo dicaprio and in this story he is like in the movie Django. just a little nicer. Hope you like it :) And thanks for reading!!



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