Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


6. Missing

i thought louis would have catched me but instead it was a goodlooking curly haired guy.

"Hey beautiful."

"Thank-" he pressed his indexfinger on my lips.

"Excuse but you'll have to come with me. I am sorry."

"you j-" i felt something and saw a syringe filled with lyquid whis he pressed into my vains.

"LOUIS!" i screamed out in shock, fast enough for his guy to stop me. i recognized he was already running away and then everything faded away.



Louis Pov.:

"LOUIS" i heard rose shout.


i ran back to our tree house and climbed back upwards. but she wasn't there. i searched and called her back.


Nothing. i tried louder.

"R O S E!"


I tried to figure out where she could be i went outside and ran to the waterplace wich was near our house. Nobody except a few mice. Back to the beach, Nothing. I searched for two days but i found nothing. Not even a piece of her clothes. 

I was alone and this drove me crazy. i thought about the time i thought i saw a guy. Maybe he was there? Maybe she had gone with him? Maybe he kidnaped her?! I couldn't sleep so i just got up and began to draw a map. well i don't drew it i scratched stone on stone. i knew i maybe not even have seen the half of the island but i am needed to figure it out. I NEED TO FIND HER. i promised never to leave her alone again. i did and what happened? She is gone or kidnapped or maybe already killed by someone.

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