Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


2. Lost

i saw the sun slowly rising and thank god for this. those few lightrays helped me to see swimming pieces of wood. i swam towards it and tried to not let go the boy, i hopefully rescued. Please don't let him be dead. i couldn't do this on my own somewhere in the middle of the ocean. i pushed him on the piece of wood which was very big. it was like big raft. unnormal big but in this mpment i couldn't care less. i puled myself onto it. he lay there like an dead angel. i just fell in  love with an unconsicios guy. perfect. i realised i shouldn't stare i rather should start to get him back to life. i didn't know how to do reanimation i just did like in those movies. i checked if he breathed, he don't and started to puch with my bothe hands on his chest. i did it until he suprisingly started to choke and spat some water. He opened his eyes and i was lost in blue. I had never seen such beautiful eyes before. No lie. I started tot hink about why i haven’t tryied mouth to mouth despiration…

„What is that?!“ the boy already was standing at the rim of our piece of wood which was extremly solid. It doesn’t dared to move, in no way.

„huh?“ he was totaly upset and  nearly seemed tob e angry.

„Life. I saved your life. But hey you’re welcome.“ What an idiot. I just saved his life and he acts like this. I could have left him down there. My body answered no in completly shivering.

„Are you freezing?“ i heard him ask. I bit my tounge not to answer sarcastally.

„Yes, a little.“ I said in the sweetst voice i could do. he started to strip of his jacket and as he wanted to lay his black leather jacket over my shoulders he realised everything we wore was wet. I started to laugh and he joined me.

„i’m sorry. I couldn’t help“ he said with an bitish accent.

„No problem. But I guess we should get earth under our feet to surrive.“ I needed to get serious i mean we are actually sitting in the middle of nowhere in the sea.

„i guess there is an island.“

„Haha! Good joke.“ I answered. As if here would be an island. I heard a splash.

„Com’on we can swim there!“ he shouted. I turned and saw an island not that far from this piece of wood but i realy wanted to sleep. Normaly i could do this without any problems but right now i was totaly exausted.

„i can’t.“

„Why? Can’t you swim? How did you saved my life then?“

„i CAN swim in general. But right now i have no more energy in body.“ He gave me an confused look. Right as a wave hit his face and completely messed up his hair. Of course it wasn’t perfect anyway but after this wave he looked like an complete nerd. His brown hair was sticking on his forehead. I just laughed at him and he made an silly face which caused me to laugh more. I couldn’t stop laughing and sank down. Here was hardly anything funny. I was lost and i couldn’t even get my feet on real earth. I started crying and furled myself into a ball. I cryied until everything went black.


*** well yeah i decided who it would be. but to be true i have no clue what will come.

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