Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


22. In public

So we bought the fruits and everything and i got a vanilla ice cream. It was suprisingly realxing to be outside the house. But I realised something. I never missed this. Being in public. i liked my life like it was. I know it's weird but somehow i liked the idea of staying. never worrying about a good job in the future. maybe one day i could go outside and maybe find a good man and found a family. I would continue my work in the house. It was good work. I just helped here and there but nothing very exausting.

"Rose?" a familiar voice asked.

"Liam?" there he stood. he looked good like always. He wore his shorts and a white top. Somehow he managed to look good even with completly relaxed clothes.

His look went up and down on me. worried, confused, supried and happy. I could read all this feelings clearly.

"You...You are...I thought- We thought you would be-"

"Rose, i've got the wine. We need to-" Luke looked up to see Liam angrily taring at him.

"Who is this?" Liam asked.

"This is-" Luke took my hand softly but distinct and pulled me closer to him.

"You are not supposed to know and we are NOT supposed to speak to strangers in public." the last part claerly directed to me because he was looking at me with an light angry look.

As liam walked towards me, Luke lightly managed me and himself in the car. He started the engine and drove off. I saw Liam speechless standing there starring into my eyes. Not understanding what just happend. He will try to find out. He knows that something is wrong.

I waved and smilied goodbye. He wouldn't understand why.

"Was that your boyfriend?" Luke interrupted my thoughts.


"Is this your boyfriend or husband or something like this?" he tried to sound cool but clearly failed.

"No." just one word but he was satisfied. I noticed hos hand making it's way near mine, guardely.

The rest of the way it was silent. His hand still made the last few inches but i guess it was better that way. We knew each other only for a few weeks. We brought in the food and everything into the kitchen where Martha was already cooking a soup.

"Hey kids, you're late! Hurry and get everything in here and then you,luke can help me."

"What about me?" she looked at me proudly.

"You go upstairs to your room and ensures that you look clean and pretty."

"You will participate at the diner, love! and now hurry. and when you're ready ask the sir if you have any questions."


*** IF YOU STILL READ THIS: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I'm sorry as always.  i wont promise anything more except that i will write on. but no promise when.

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