Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


16. House

Rose's pov

I heard steps and Louis came in again. He looked ashamed about something.

"Louis?" he loked up into my eyes and his cheeks were light pink.


"What is this about?" he exactly looked like a "?".

"I mean what are you ashamed about?" he smiled a little bit.

"I thought you had a boyfriend. and i guess i was yealous." how cute?!

"Well i don't have one because if i would i wouldn't kiss other people who kiss me back." "if i had, i wouldn't let harry or you kiss me." my eyes widened. so did louis.

"He did what? You-? I mean i thought-...Nevermind." he jumped up and left the house and walked towards the beach. i followed him leaving niall who was dissapointed he couldn't listen our conversation.
Louis was fast even without running! After a while he just stopped and sat down. Luckily.  I reached up to him and sat beside him. he was quiet and didn't seemed to utter a word so i did.

"I didn't know about you." i rested my head on his shoulders and he didn'T moved.

"In that moment Harry suprised me. I couldn't react i mean i could but i don't know. I was paralyzed and i thought you wouldn't feel that way for me."

"Would you havn't kissed him back if you had known about my feelings?"

"The only thing i know is that now i wouldn't do it." he turned his head to me.

"Because of me?" i nodded. Do i love Louis? i guess so. i turned my head up to look into his light green eyes. He slowly moved his lips on mine. his kiss was full of love. I realy don't know how to explain it. Let's just say it feels very good. 

"I know it sounds not that nice to you Louis but you two lovebirds should start with more important things." iknew this voice. i turned around to see the guy with the black quiff.

"Zayn, this is important." Louis said making me smile and winked to me.

"Yeah but how about somewhere to stay? I mean yes you can stay for the next two or three days but if i got you right you wanna stay longer. So how about renting a hotel room or something like that. I guess Liam can help you  or just give you keys for a bungalow. He owned some." Louis nodded and stood up. I followed his movements and we walked back to Zayn's house.


We got a small cute house from Liam. It was not a bungalow it was more like a cute flat just in a complete house. It was surrounded by palm trees and near the beach. It just had one floor with a bathroom, a kitchen with a table and four chairs, a living room with a small sofa and a tv and two bedrooms. One bedroom had a bed for two the other a bed for one, that was the only difference. Louis offered the bigger one to me. Like a gentle man.

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