Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


5. Home

we arrived a little later at the place where i woke up. the sun was still up so i decided to talk to louis.

"I think we need a shelter. even though it's sunny right now it could rain in a short time and i'd rather be prepared."

"Yes i thought so too. but it will take a lot of work. and there are also opportunities. i don't know how many wild animals are on this island so i would rather build something like a tree house. or we stay here at the beach and have something easy."

"I would also prefere the treehouse but we wont get it ready that fast so why don't we built both. i have some knowledge about treehouses so i guess it wont be that hard to built something on the ground." HA! so the hours i spend on building the treehouse with my dad are worth something!

"i agree. so first we need some wood and lots of leaves..."


two days later our beach house was ready. okay ther was not much space in it but it was enough for our weird bed. it was about falen trees it was not that cofortable and luis and i needed to share one but so i felt safer, OKAY?! we found some stones and got them to be sharp. so i catched some fish. it was everything we needed. i felt like in tarzan. the begining of the movie where the parents were stranded and built there big treehouse. exactly this was what we were going to do. we found a tree and did everything that it would be safe. we were nearly ready when i once just fell down. i tripped over a rope and fall down to the ground and this was the first time i saw him.


*** hihi hope you like it until yet and sorry for not updating but in the following two weeks i will update more often. Much more often!!

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